0543 Chrissy & Chichi Tortured By Demons

90:15 video

The sequel to videos 0447 & 0448 "Chrissy Marie Captured By Demons" - 

When we last saw Igor he had helped Chrissy Marie escape and appeared to have been done in by the demon. The camera shot opens with Igor getting to his feet. The demon watches him stand up. "Oh good Igor you are alive". While the demon is grateful his servant is alive he is also angry since he betrayed him and helped Chrissy escape. Igor begs for forgiveness and tells the demon her beauty caused him to lose his head. The demon tells Igor “unless you want a fate even worse than the one you have, you must bring Chrissy Marie back to me. Do whatever you have to do”. Igor promises that he will not fail him and goes to lure Chrissy Marie back to hell.

Chrissy is getting ready for bed when suddenly Igor appears next to her. "Igor, what are you doing here?" He tells her "I have come to take you back. You must go, behold the demon has your friend. Look into the crystal ball, this is happening as we speak". Igor holds the crystal ball for Chrissy to peer into. As she looks into the crystal ball she is shocked. "We have your best friend and only you can save her." As she peers into the crystal ball we begin to we see what Chrissy sees. It's Chichi! She is restrained against the wall naked with her arms stretched overhead and is being flogged by the demon. The demon peers back at Chrissy through the crystal ball. "Only you can stop this" he says. Then he goes back to relentlessly flogging Chichi's tits and she struggles and screams. We cut back to see Chrissy’s reactions as she watches her best friend being tortured. Igor tells her "you must return with me or this continues forever". Chrissy continues watching Chichi through the crystal ball. We see the flogger land on her tits from all angles. Chichi is begging the demon to stop. Chrissy can tell Chichi is growing more and more distressed by the minute. She tries to look away but Igor won’t let her. He tells her again "You must return with me. Your best friend is being tortured by the demon who wants you back". Chichi is pleading with demon as the flogging continues “please stop whipping my tits, I can't stand anymore!" but that just encourages the demon and he continues. We cut back to Chrissy who is obviously horrified to see her friend being tortured. Igor reminds her that only she can stop this. Chrissy tells him "I'm not going back. I can't." It turns out the demon can hear her through the crystal ball. "Very well Chrissy Marie behold the next horrible torture for your friend" he snarls. The demon holds an electric pinwheel for Chrissy to see. "These spikes are not only razor sharp but also electrified. Perfect for sensitive nipples!" Chichi, seeing the pinwheel, begs the demon “Please don't torture my nipples!" The demon stops and asks "Igor, is she coming back?" Igor informs the demon that Chrissy refuses to return. So the demon starts running the electrified pinwheel over Chichi's tits concentrating on her nipples. After a couple minutes he asks Igor again if Chrissy has agreed to return. Igor responds “No master” so the pinwheel torture continues until the demon gets another idea. "Look at your best friend Chrissy Marie. There's more…" We see Chrissy peer into the crystal ball looking concerned about what’s coming next. Chichi, because this is hell, is now drenched in sweat. He spreads Chichi's legs far apart and pushes the hitachi magic wand against her sweet spot. As Chichi moans and gasps louder and louder the demon stops and looks back again at Chrissy. "How long will you allow your friend to suffer for you? Return to us Chrissy Marie and save her." He laughs an evil laugh and goes to Chichi's tits with the vibrator. After playing with her tits he works his way back between Chichi's legs. Soon she has a screaming orgasm that leaves her breathless. The Demon says to Chichi "tell your friend to return to us!" but Chichi refuses “No! I'll never tell her to come back here!" The demon growls like an infuriated beast and resumes with the flogger aiming right between Chichi's legs. After a few minutes Chichi can’t take it anymore and her body goes XXXX. We cut back to Chrissy "OK enough! I'll go back but you have to promise to let her go." Igor informs the demon they are returning and leads Chrissy back through the passageway.

Chrissy Marie is now back in hell and has been tied up in the middle of the room, arms stretched very tight overhead so she is on her tip toes. As Igor comes back he stops in front of Chichi, still chained to the wall and XXXX out. He looks at Chichi for a long few seconds then points his finger at her. "I know this one!" But he is interrupted by the demon. "Igor, my flogger!" Chrissy is confronted by the demon she escaped from. "You thought you could escape me?" and begins flogging her. As the flogging goes on the camera angle changes from time to time. Each time it does there is less of Chrissy’s sexy top. Soon her beautiful tits are almost completely exposed. The demon cuts away the rest and Chrissy gasps and moans as the demon plays with her now bare breasts with the blade. He pokes her nipples with the point and runs it up and down her sides. Then he squeezes and pulls on her nipples. Next the demon orders Igor to whip Chrissy’s tits. "Yes master" Igor says and begins flogging her while the demon goes to stand next to Chichi. "Wait you said you would release my friend if I returned!" Chrissy says. The demon tells her “I lied” then laughs an evil laugh and orders Igor to whip her harder. Chrissy is becoming increasingly distressed knowing that now both her and Chichi are trapped in hell with the demon and his hideous servant. In a short while the demon stops Igor just long enough to come up to Chrissy and cut her sexy bottoms off. She is wearing nothing underneath so she is now naked and Igor resumes flogging her for a short while longer. Then the demons decides he is not whipping her hard enough and takes the flogger from Igor, ordering him to go stand next to Chichi. The demon waves the flogger in front of Chrissy. "No more please not my tits again!" but the demon resumes. After a couple minutes the camera shifts to Igor. He is again looking closely at Chichi. He is trying to remember something. Something buried deep in his mind from what seems like a past life. He lifts Chichi's face and pushes her hair back to get a better look. "Something about you…something I should know…"

Next we find Chrissy restrained on a rack with her bound wrists stretched and secured tightly overhead. She is now dripping with sweat and the demon resumes with the flogger. She begs him "No more, stop, please, my nipples are burning, I can't stand it anymore!" To her surprise he stops. "Your nipples are burning? I have something for that." He returns with a bowl with water and ice in it. He picks up a piece of soaking ice and starts letting the ice water just drip on her nipples. After taking turns with each side he applies the ice directly, massaging Chrissy’s nipples with the ice. She gasps and moans as he roams her body with the ice always returning to her nipples. "People in hell want ice water… so be it!" He continues giving Chrissy Marie the ice treatment. With her nipples now rock hard courtesy of the ice the demon produces a regular pinwheel and starts to roll it over and over her nipples. He takes it down her sexy belly as the camera follows and comes back up. All the while she is moaning, gasping and pleading "please don't torture my nipples" but that just encourages the demon to do it more. After a while the demon calls Igor and orders him to make her legs wider. Now we see Chrissy in an even more vulnerable position. She is frog tied on the rack. Arms still stretched overhead. The demon summons Igor. "Take this" and hands him the Celebrator Sex Toy. He instructs Igor to play with her nipples with it while the demon takes the hitachi vibrator between her legs. They both start double teaming her and driving her crazy. After a while Chrissy can't help but have a screaming orgasm. “Did you just have an orgasm? Do you think this is heaven?!" The angry demon gives Igor a flogger and uses one himself. After a long flogging they stop. "Are you going to tell us why you are here?" Chrissy tells them she can’t, she doesn’t know. "Very well" then the demon changes to a rotating, thrusting dildo. Igor again has the Celebrator on her nipples and the demon uses the dildo playing on the outside of her clit then plunging it inside her. Chrissy gasps and moans but they don't stop. Finally she can’t take it anymore and her body goes XXXX. The demon growls in frustration. "Take her to the wall!"

Chrissy Marie is now up against the wall next to Chichi with her arms stretched tight overhead and her legs secured in a spreader bar. She is still out. Igor approaches Chichi as she wakes up. "Who are you? What are you?" she says startled to see the hideous servant of the demon near her. The demon notices Chichi is awake and comes over to Igor who is staring closely at Chichi. "What is it Igor?" Igor explains she is familiar for some reason but he can’t seem to figure it out just yet. “I have never seen someone as hideous as you. I think I would remember" Chichi says in disgust. "Oh she is funny. Flog her Igor, maybe you can figure it out" says the demon. Igor looks at the flogger in his hand then at Chichi. The camera sees what Igor sees, starting at Chichi's feet and slowly scanning up her body, he looks over Chichi gets to her face and starts back down, stopping on her beautiful tits. It's coming back to him. In his mind he sees the flashback and then remembers Chichi ending him. "I know you…you are the one I loved and YOU SENT ME HERE. You destroyed me and I ended up in hell!" It is the voodoo priest that held Chichi captive and tortured her to be his queen, but she tricked him and used the voodoo magic he taught her to destroy him! “Don’t you recognize me? Of course not, I am now a hideous servant of Satan! I will have my revenge!" He starts to flog Chichi. She begs him to stop insisting that she doesn’t know him and he has made a mistake, but Igor continues to take his rage out on her. The demon notices and steps over to Igor to ask him what’s wrong. He explains how Chichi is the reason he is here. He needs to use the rack so he can have his revenge! The demon asks Igor how he knows it’s the one, he thought all his memories of the past were erased. Igor tells him he remembers her body. The demon, standing beside Igor, pokes him in the side with his elbow and laughs "yes, who could forget those tits!”

Now Chichi is on the rack where Chrissy was with her arms stretched and secured tightly overhead. Her spread legs are hanging over the side and secured down. Igor comes back with the demon. "My hideous slave Igor wants revenge and revenge is a dish best served cold." He starts on Chichi with the ice. First just letting it drip on her nipples then rubbing it on them. He runs the ice all over her. After stopping with the ice he calls Igor. Then they do the same thing with Chichi they just did with Chrissy. One has the Celebrator on her nipples while the other uses the hitachi between Chichi's very open legs. She can't stop herself and has an orgasm. Which brings back the floggers and they double team Chichi while she begs them to stop. Then the demon waves the rotating, thrusting dildo in front of Chichi. "No, no more, don't torture me with that terrible thing!" she pleads, but the demon just laughs and tells Igor to begin and while Igor plays with her nipples the demon uses the dildo on her. This seems to go on forever and Chichi is getting desperate. Then they stop. Only to change things up again. Igor is now holding the electric pinwheel and the demon has a different thrusting dildo. The tiny spikes of the electric pinwheel roll over her nipples while the thrusting dildo does it work. This goes on for a while. They stop just long enough for Chichi to catch her breath and start again. Finally Chichi can’t take it anymore and goes XXXX. The demon tells Igor to take her to the wall. 

Chichi and Chrissy are now restrained to the wall next to each other, their arms bound overhead and legs secured far apart with spreader bars. Chrissy wakes up first and awakens Chichi, asking if she is ok. Then they discuss how Chichi knows Igor from before. Chichi explains to Chrissy Igor is her Ex and it’s a long story. They quickly stop talking when they notice the demon and Igor coming back. The demon gives the ice container to Igor and points to Chrissy Marie. Igor is not pleased, he wants his revenge on Chichi, but the demon will not hear of it. The demon wants Chichi for himself. Igor is not happy and it seems there is, again, a riff developing between the demon and his hideous slave. So Igor starts on Chrissy Marie with the ice. "No, not again, please" she begs as Igor runs the ice all over Chrissy concentrating on her nipples but also running it between her very open legs. Each time roaming slowly back to her tits. "Very good Igor" says the demon. “Her now master?" Igor says pointing to Chichi, but the demon still will not allow it. The demon then hands the hitachi vibrator to Igor. Igor presses it between Chrissy’s legs and instructs him to torture her nipples if she has an orgasm. Chrissy tries to hold it in but eventually cannot stop it and has a screaming orgasm. "I knew it! Use this Igor” as the demon hands him the electric pinwheel. Igor rolls the electric pinwheel starting on her sexy midsection then up to Chrissy’s nipples, crisscrossing her tits each time rolling it directly over her nipple. Soon she cries out “Stop, please stop, I can't stand any more!" The demon holds up his hand and Igor stops. "So tell us why you think you are in hell" says the demon. Chrissy again says she can’t and she doesn’t know. But the demon does. "Could it have something to do with all that money you stole from those widows and orphans?" Chrissy reluctantly and half heartedly says that could be it. "Then you must beg forgiveness. If you don't you will be tortured in hell for a thousand years then you will become an evil spirit destined to roam the Earth for the next thousand years doing things like haunting cemeteries. Want to tell us you did it now?" but Chrissy refuses to confess. The demon growls in frustration. "Igor, torture her!" and hands him the thrusting dildo. Igor gets started with the dildo playing around the outside then penetrating her as Chrissy moans and gasps. The demon warns her she better not have an orgasm, but it’s not long before she does. This displeases the demon and he pushes Igor aside to flog Chrissy between her very open legs. After a while Chrissy apparently goes XXXX, but then we see her open one eye and look around. She is faking it!

Igor asks if he can have his revenge on Chichi now. "No, I will handle this, you go stand over there." This enrages Igor. The riff between Igor and the demon grows. The demon will not let Igor have Chichi. The demon looks over Chichi. Chichi is thinking to herself "what's this demon going to do to me? Not nipple torture, anything but that". The demon has heard her thoughts. "Your fear is nipple torture, so be it!” Chichi asks how he knows that but the demon does not answer. He has a blade and a small black cauldron of oil. He tells her "this is from the very depths of hell which makes it very hot". He dips the tip in the oil and allows it to drip on Chichi's nipples. She moans and gasp as the hot oil is dripped on her tits. Then he uses the point to play with and poke her nipples. He spreads the oil all over her tits and midsection and rubs it in with his hand. "No more, no more nipple torture" Chichi begs but the demon continues by taking the Celebrator, also dipping it in the oil, and roams Chichi's nipples and tits with it. He continues with the Celebrator moving lower and lower and finally onto her clit. Then he stops with the Celebrator and begins with the hitachi again. He relentlessly presses it onto Chichi's sweet spot until Chichi's moans and gasps turn into an orgasm. He stops. "You had an orgasm?" As he waves the flogger in front of Chichi. Without saying another word the demon starts flogging her aiming directly at her tits. After a while he stops. He waves the flogger at her again "I know your fear" then leaves. Now that the demon has left Igor steps over to Chichi. "Are you enjoying your time here my wife?" Chichi demands that he let them go. Then Igor calls out Chrissy “Stop faking it, I saw you open your eyes before”. So Chrissy opens her eyes and says to Igor "You said you would let her go". Igor tells them there is one way for them to escape this place. Chrissy says tell us and they will do it. "Not you, her. She has the power to restore me to my former self. She destroyed me and she has the power to restore me to my former glory as a voodoo priest. All she has to do is KISS ME!” he explains. "That's all? Great! Kiss him!” Chrissy says to Chichi. But Chichi refuses. "I'm not kissing that! Not in a million years!" Then Igor says to Chichi "Well maybe you don't care about yourself, but what about her?" He takes an electric shocking wand and rubs it across Chrissy’s nipples. Chrissy moans and gasps as it goes on and on then she screams. "Kiss him my nipples are burning” but she Chichi still refuses. 

Suddenly the demon returns. He has the hitachi vibrator and electric clamps with wires leading to a button. He hands the button to Igor and tells him if she has an orgasm, push the button." Chichi asks “What is that?” and the demon just says “you’ll see” as he attaches the clamps to her Chichi’s nipples. Again she begs and pleads for them to stop torturing her nipples. The demon starts on Chichi with the hitachi. Chichi starts to moan and tries to hold it back but he presses the vibrator into her sweet spot. It takes a while but Chichi has yet another orgasm. The demon orders Igor to push the button. He pushes it, briefly shocking Chichi’s nipples. Then he tells Igor to hold it longer, which he does. Chichi stands on her toes and arches her back but there is no escape. The demon says "lets try again" then uses the hitachi again. He gets the same result which brings back the nipple torture. Igor holds the button up in front of Chichi and teases her with it by briefly touching the button enough to shock her but just for an instant. Chichi begs and pleads for the nipple torture to stop. He then holds it down for a long shock. Chichi is left gasping, hanging from the wall almost XXXX out. She is woken completely by the feel of the flogger landing between her legs. After a few minutes the demon looks at Igor who pushes the button again. Chichi stands on her toes and arches her back. The demon resumes the flogging and again stops for Igor to push the button. This happens a few times then the demon tells Igor not to do anything and that he will be right back. Igor watches the demon leave and against his instructions resumes shocking Chichi. This goes on for some time until he stops. "How about this kiss honey? Did I tell you this will go on for a thousand years then you become an evil spirit, destined to roam the Earth forever. Or I can get both of you out of here. Maybe you will want to save your friend from this torture?" He removes the electric clamps and attaches them to Chrissy. "How about it?" When Chichi refuses he presses the button shocking Chrissy’s nipples. "Save your friend?" He continues pressing the button, at first just holding it for a moment then longer and longer. Chrissy cries out "I can't stand anymore, for god's sake just kiss him!!!" Chichi looks at Igor who holds up the button. "Ok come here!" and lays a big kiss on him. In a flash of light the hideous slave of the demon is turned into his former self, a voodoo priest! The voodoo priest holds his arms up "I am restored" and laughs an evil laugh. He frees the girls and leads them away to an unknown fate.

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