0535 Batgirl vs The Slave Traffickers

62:47 video

Batgirl Chrissy is a modern day crime fighting superheroine with a strong willed and feisty personality. In addition to being a skilled fighter and having superb physical strength, she also possesses another unique ability that enables her to withstand the effects of the XXXX XXXX that was a major weakness for Batgirl in the past. Over the years, the heroine spent countless hours training herself to develop a resistance to the XXXX XXXX. She isn’t completely immune to getting XXXX out, because her stamina can still be weakened, but only after prolonged exposure will she eventually be defeated. Her costume has also been modified to show off more of her toned body and give the outfit additional sex appeal. Instead of the old one piece body suit, she now wears a two-piece bikini style version with her bare legs and mid-section exposed. Batgirl has always enjoyed the attention she got from being a tease and having fans drooling over her, but as an added bonus, she realized that this new attire helps with distracting her enemies too! The video begins with the beautiful Chrissy Marie, reporter for The Daily News, working alone at her desk when she receives a mysterious phone call. The caller doesn’t reveal his name, but he gets her attention by saying he has information about where she can find the local college girls who have recently went missing. He provides her with an anonymous tip to the secret hideout of a slavery ring. Chrissy tries to ask for more details but he abruptly hangs up the . She announces that this sounds like a mission for her alter identity Batgirl, and quickly springs into action.

The video resumes with Batgirl arriving at the slaver’s hideout and entering through an unlocked door. Despite her suspicions about this being too easy, the heroine ignores these instincts and proceeds inside. She makes a comment to herself out loud “Hmm that’s strange, I wasn’t expecting the door to be open… Something doesn’t feel right about this, but there’s no time to wait for backup”. Batgirl cautiously snoops around for any sign of the missing girls, but she ends up finding a creepy scientist who is busy organizing various bondage paraphernalia. He appears to be alone, so she confronts the suspect to question him. Dr. X introduces himself to start a conversation, but he deliberately ignores answering her questions. Instead, he rambles on about how he has been waiting a long time to meet her in person and she is even more beautiful than he imagined. He also casually mentions that he was expecting her to show up today and he has something special planned to welcome her. Batgirl appears confused by his responses, but she continues the interrogation and demands him to release the missing girls. With her attention focused on Dr. X, she doesn't notice there is a larger masked thug approaching with a cloth soaked in the infamous XXXX XXXX. When Dr. X sees his henchman getting ready, he keeps the diversion going by saying he has heard all the stories of the mighty Batgirl and he has been studying her for a while, so he is well aware of her capabilities. He asks if the rumors are true about her not being affected by the XXXX XXXX, then challenges her by saying he doesn’t believe it. On que, Butch waits for the right moment and suddenly grabs the unsuspecting heroine from behind. Before she has a chance to react, he covers her face with the cloth and wraps his other arm firmly around her. He initially takes control by pulling her off balance, and then holds on tight with her back against his body. Batgirl’s eyes light up in shock because she is caught completely off guard by the surprise attack. She gives off a loud muffled scream, which causes her to inhale a deep breath. Being a skilled and feisty crime fighter, she immediately starts to struggle with all of her strength, her body gyrating all over the place. However, much to her dismay, the heroine can't break free from his grasp since Butch has all the leverage from his position and he was ready for a fight. At first, Batgirl isn't really worried about being XXXX out (and she also secretly enjoys grinding her ass in his crotch) but her attitude changes when Dr. X rushes over to help restrain her from the front. The scientist doesn't waste any time, grabbing both of her arms to hold them down, so she can’t remove the cloth.  A struggle ensues, but now it’s two against one, and Batgirl is in a lot of trouble. While this is going on, Dr. X brags about his plans for capturing her and he explains the full extent of her predicament. First, he reveals that he called Chrissy the news reporter with the anonymous tip because he knew Batgirl would fall for the trap to bring her to his hideout. Next, he tells her that nobody is coming to save her and there is no way for her to get help since they are in an unknown remote location. Lastly, he jokingly asks what she thinks about his new formulation of the XXXX XXXX, saying it was designed just for her. Then the scientist comments to his henchman that everything is working perfectly, and they are going to get a lot of money from selling her as a sex slave. He promises they will have fun with her bound and gagged for their own pleasure, but first they must XXXX her out and make her helpless. 

At this point, Batgirl hasn't really been affected but she squirms much more seriously after hearing their intentions, realizing that this was all just an elaborate plot to capture her, she protests loudly with a lot of grunting and gag talking from under the cloth. The heroine gets more aggravated as time passes, but she won’t be sold into slavery without a fight. Feeling a greater sense of urgency, she manages to kick Dr. X in the crotch which XXXX him to the ground and frees her arms. Unfortunately, her kicks have little impact on Butch, who is still XXXX her from behind. The thug continues holding on tight and when he feels her legs aren’t firmly planted, he wisely uses his size to take control by leaning back to lift her off the ground. Batgirl screams wildly, kicking and flailing her legs through the air. By now, the attack has been going on for several minutes, and she is growing more and more frantic for oxygen with each passing second. Desperate to get free, the heroine tries grabbing and clawing at his hands to pull the cloth away. She is constantly jerking and twisting her body, but nothing seems to work. Running out of time and options, she stomps one of her heels down on his foot which finally releases his grip and the slaver drops her to the floor. Batgirl instantly gasps for air as she stumbles toward the exit. She fights to overcome the dizziness, but she doesn’t have a chance to recover because Dr. X is already chasing her down armed with a larger cloth the size of a hand towel that is soaked with a fresh XXXX of the XXXX XXXX. Dr. X catches her right as she is about to reach the door and pulls her back into his clutches, clamping the towel over her face from behind and completely covers her by wrapping it around to the back her head. Dr. X drags her back into the hideout as she fights him every step of the way. He continues to XXXX her face, but he also effectively restrains her with an arm lock to subdue her. He is amazed that she is still very defiant, so he yells for his henchman to come over and grab her legs. Butch catches both of her legs and lifts the heroine completely off her feet. At this moment, Batgirl really panics because now she is fully restrained at each end of her body. Even with her superior strength and training, she is being held helplessly in the air at the mercy of these two villains and she can hardly move at all. Refusing to be defeated, her entire body is gyrating like a snake as she tries to wiggle and squirm out of their arms. During the struggle, Butch stays wrapped around her legs to neutralize her kicking, but he also enjoys feeling them squirming in his arms and takes full advantage of his position because it allows him to grope her all over. He comments how her skin is silky smooth and confesses to having a fetish for bare legs. This infuriates Batgirl, but there is nothing she can do to stop him except grunt in disgust. Despite her struggling efforts, the slavers are determined to put her to XXXX and the violent assault continues for a while until they notice the XXXX is starting to slow her down. Feeling their victim succumbing to the fumes, they gradually lower her to the floor to finish her off. They still have her pinned down, but this gives Dr. X an opportunity to readjust the towel over her face. By this point Batgirl is exhausted and her strength is badly weakened. She hasn’t stopped protesting and her body is still writhing around but eventually her movements get slower, her eyes begin to flutter, and her moaning gets less lively. Finally, with one last surge, her eyes roll back into her head as she collapses in defeat. 

When the video resumes both villains are groping the XXXX heroine as she recovers from the XXXX out. They have removed her cape and utility belt but haven’t bothered to tie her up, which means Batgirl is able to fight back as soon she wakes up. After pushing and kicking them off, she tries to make a break for the exit, but doesn’t get far before Butch tackles her from behind. Dr. X joins in and the three of them end up wrestling on the floor with the slavers continually pinning her down, and Batgirl scrambling to get away. Soon they gain the upper hand by forcing Batgirl to lay on her back, with Dr. X pinning her arms over her head and Butch holding onto her legs. She keeps trying to resist, insisting they won't get away with this, but the slavers laugh at her useless threats. Instead, they flip her over to her stomach and Dr. X uses his weight to hold her down while pulling her arms behind her back to restrain them. From here, the scientist taunts her by covering her mouth with his free hand and asking her how she feels about being sold as a sex slave (briefly taking his hand off, only to gag her again before she can respond). Batgirl grunts and mumbles in fury each time. After a while Dr. X says he’s ready to put her back to XXXX. She tries to stop this from happening, but the scientist already has a heavily soaked rag on hand. At first, he gives her a few light whiffs, but then he clamps his hand firmly over her mouth and nose. Batgirl squeals loudly, as she frantically tries to throw him off her. Soon the XXXX XXXX goes to work taming her fiery spirit, but Dr. X is having too much fun and he doesn’t want to XXXX her out just yet. Rather, he teases her again by removing the rag, letting her gasp and cry for air then reapplies it when he feels she is getting too feisty. This goes on for several more minutes until  Dr. X decides to leave the room so he can prepare the restraints for keeping her tied her up. He comments that they are going to need a lot of rope if they want to make her helpless and he asks if Butch is ok to handle her on his own for a few minutes. They both agree so Dr. X briefly exits the scene, and this gives the heroine a rare opportunity alone with only one slaver. Butch decides to give her a chance to get up, so she can try to escape, only to mock her for how helpless she is. Batgirl attempts to gather her strength, crawling on her hands and knees with Butch following closely in pursuit spanking her ass. Then without warning, the heroine springs to life and rolls onto her back to set up her next move. She predictably tries to kick him with both feet flying around, but the slaver was ready for this type of attack. He blocks her kicks, pinning her legs together, then he holds them in the air as he drags her across the floor.  Batgirl squirms and twists her body to stop him from dragging her back into the hideout until somehow, she manages to free herself. As soon as this happens, she trips her attacker and then swiftly wraps her legs around his neck to XXXX him with a head scissor maneuver. Now the tables are turned because Butch is the one fighting to escape but she refuses to let him go and squeezes her thighs tighter. Batgirl thinks she finally has the upper hand but unfortunately she doesn’t have time to finish him off before Dr. X returns to the room and pounces on her with another soaked rag. After a brief struggle with her legs still wrapped around Butch’s face Dr. X XXXX her to release her grip and then takes control by laying on his back and pulling her on top of him. He wraps his legs around her lower body to fully restrict her movements. Once again Batgirl XXXXs for air, wailing in frustration since she was so close to escaping. She flops around on top of him, thrusting her legs and bucking her hips, but she is completely helpless in his grasp. Soon the XXXX XXXX drains away her resistance and Dr. X isn’t taking any more chances, using both hands to hold the rag over her face. Butch assists whenever it’s needed, but he is mostly just groping her body while his boss puts her to XXXX. In the end, Batgirl gives off an exhausted moan, and collapses into a deep XXXX.

Next we see Batgirl being carried over the shoulder by Butch who is spanking her ass and feeling her legs along the way. She is already tightly tied up with a lot of rope pinning her arms behind her back and legs together, but this doesn’t stop her from protesting in defiance. Butch throws her down on a bed for him to enjoy. Despite her constant resistance, he plays with every inch of her body and hand gags her whenever she gets too noisy. The henchman has been ordered by Dr. X to break her feisty spirit, so they can learn the secret to her resistance, but Batgirl refuses to give up any information. This goes on for a while and she continues to give him attitude so eventually he rolls her onto her stomach to spank her. She is furious about being captured and certainly lets her captor know what she thinks about him calling him a loser and a creep. Pretty soon, Butch gets tired of being insulted, however, the next time when he goes to shut her mouth, Batgirl bites his hand. He retaliated by shoving a rolled-up wad of cloth in her mouth to silence her for good. Then, he uses a strip of microfoam tape to seal her lips so she can’t spit it out and he also wraps several layers of purple bondage tape on top. He finishes by adding several layers of adhesive wrap to hold everything in place, which basically covers the entire lower half of her face. Once the gag is secured, Butch goes back to heavily groping her body and spanking her ass for being so difficult. Batgirl struggles against her restraints, testing the ropes and rolling around on the bed to get away but there is nothing she can do to stop him from touching her all over. Next he decides to strip off her bikini top and much to her disliking the heroine is helpless to stop him. The brutal assault continues with Butch focused on groping her breasts. The scene escalates further when Dr X returns to check on their status. As soon as Batgirl sees him, she protests even louder through her gag, as if to let him know she can’t be defeated. Dr. X responds by saying it’s time for her to be sold into slavery, but first they must tie her up tighter to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere. He takes extra precaution because he knows she is good at escaping from bondage. Hearing these plans, Batgirl tries to talk him out of this idea (her pleas come out in a series of grunts), but she is helpless to stop them from wrapping additional ropes around her chest securing her arms to her back. Then they add a crotch rope between her legs and finally put her in a strict hogtie. As if that wasn’t enough, the villains tape her hands together too until they are totally covered and impossible for her to move her fingers. When they are finished the slavers leave the room to get the camera equipment ready. By this point, Batgirl is very anxious, making a lot of noise from under the gag because she knows this is her last chance to escape. She tries to summon whatever energy she has left to break free and as she struggles against the ropes, but it’s no use because she is helplessly bound and gagged.

After a few minutes pass, both villains return to find an exhausted, out of breath heroine still tied up just the way they left her. Dr. X approaches, smacking her ass to bring back some of her liveliness while Butch sets up the camera to broadcast the live auction. Before they begin, the scientist tells her about the next part of his experiment, which is to inject her with a chemical that is going to make her feel sexually stimulated at the slightest touch. Once the XXXX is administered, Dr. X announces to the camera that he has successfully captured Batgirl and now he is selling her as a sex slave to the highest bidder. The auction kicks off with both slavers groping her body all over while Batgirl groans with a mix of anger and pleasure. She tries to resist but is also becoming aroused from the XXXXs. Dr. X shows her off to the audience of buyers, promoting her by saying she is a feisty superheroine with an attitude that needs training. He makes a comment that the auction already getting a lot of interest and encourages her to fight harder. He taunts her by asking if she can break the ropes. Batgirl doesn’t disappoint as she squirms around like crazy and grunts loudly with muffled protests. When the auction is almost over Dr. X comes up with another idea to reveal her identity by removing her mask, so everyone can see her face. This sends Batgirl into a frenzy, especially when they discover that she is actually Chrissy Marie, the beautiful reporter from The Daily News. As predicted, orders start flooding in until someone outbids everyone else by offering $100 million. Dr. X informs her that she has been sold to a bondage loving criminal who recently broke out of prison after being arrested by Batgirl several years earlier. He tells her that the guy is the boss of a mob organization and he paid top dollar with plans to pay her back for putting him in jail. The scene ends with Dr. X approaching with a rag, grabbing her by the hair to hold her head steady as he clamps the rag over her mouth and nose. As she breathes in the fumes Dr. X comments that she is going to make an amazing sex slave and hopefully she enjoys being tied up and fucked since that is how she is going to spend the rest of her life. Batgirl screams into the cloth as he puts her back into a deep XXXX.

The final scene takes place after the auction is over when the crime boss comes to pick up Batgirl/Chrissy from the slaver’s hideout. Chrissy is now completely naked and tied spread eagle on a bed in a very vulnerable position. To make her even more helpless, there is a blindfold covering her eyes, so she can’t see anything, a thick panel ball gag stuffed in her mouth to keep her quiet, as well as another rope around her and attached to the bed to fully restrict her movements. The action begins with this new unknown villain inspecting every inch of her body while he stays silent to keep her in suspense. Chrissy squirms around on the bed and grunts in disgust because she feels someone touching her all over. She instinctively tries pulling on the ropes to see if she can break them, but there isn’t much she can do to stop him from fondling her as much as he pleases. The villain continues for several minutes as Chrissy becomes more and more worried since she is lying in complete darkness and her captor still hasn’t made a sound. Eventually, the mystery is revealed when he takes the blindfold off to see if she recognizes him. The crime boss tells her his name is Dom from the Colombo mob family, but more importantly, he reminds her about their last encounter when she kicked his ass and turned him over to the police. He goes on to say that she is the reason he spent the past 10 years in jail and he has been waiting a long time to get revenge, although he never imagined it would be like this. Chrissy definitely remembers him, so she gives him a big attitude with a lot of mumbling protests and grunting through the gag, however she just doesn’t have the same stamina as earlier. Following these brief introductions, Dom positions a vibrator between her legs. At first, he turns it on a low setting, slowly moving it around and groping her body with his other hand to stimulate her further. She tries to resist the pleasure, pleading for him to stop but before long the villain turns the power up to the max and holds it directly on her clit. This causes Chrissy to scream like crazy, shaking her head from side to side in dismay, but Dom shows no mercy for her cries. Instead he holds his hand down on top of her gagged mouth and nose as keeps the vibrator going. Chrissy’s eyes widen in fear as soon as he cuts off her air supply, until finally he lets her breath. By this point, Dom is enjoying seeing the panic on her face, so he XXXXs her a few more times and continues to torture her with the vibrator. Chrissy is shocked to feel an orgasm coming over her. However, just when she is about finish, the villain turns the vibrator off and whispers in her ear that she isn’t allowed to cum yet. Then he holds his hand over her mouth and nose until her struggling ceases and her body goes XXXX.

When Chrissy awakens she is lying face down and tied spread eagle on her stomach with the same panel ball gag in her mouth. Dom is already back to groping her lower body. This time he uses oil to massage her legs. As expected, Chrissy is still trying to escape and giving him an attitude, especially when the crime boss decides to start playing with her ass. After loosening her up a bit with his finger, he shoves a butt plug all the way in. This makes her scream loudly since nobody has ever violated her ass. From there, Dom proceeds to spank her multiple times with his hands, then a flogger and finally a paddle. Chrissy shrieks in XXXX when he shows her the dildo on a stick. He penetrates her with it, starting off slowly, pushing the dildo deeper inside, then picking up the pace as he slides it in an out. Chrissy squirms and writhes on the bed as she tries to get the dildo out doing anything she can to move away. Chrissy refuses to give in to the pleasure so eventually he turns on the vibrator at the same time while he fucks her with the dildo. With the combination of dildo, vibrator, and butt plug all together, it doesn’t take long before she is pushed over the limit. Finally Chrissy squeals in defeat and her entire body spasms as she is XXXX to have a huge orgasm. The video ends with Dom telling her it’s time for them to go. He holds the rag over her face and puts her into a deep XXXX one last time.

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