0514 Bound Belly Play Pt. 1

14:58 video

Chrissy is naked and bound on a massage table with her wrists locked into leather cuffs, arms stretched overhead and ankles tied down to the table. She first receives a through frontal flogging from her breasts to her thighs with her stretched belly receiving the most attention. After several minutes of flogging the torture builds up to a climax of pain with pleasure. Chrissy is then pleasured with the Hitachi wand.  This is combined with lots of belly groping, squeezing and clutching, synchronized with Chrissy's responses to the vibrator as she is XXXX to several orgasms. 

Next her Master decides to put her obedience to the test. He shows Chrissy the dreaded quirt.  She is told she will receive a dozen lashes on her belly.  She is instructed to say after each stroke 'harder please'.  The first stroke is very mild, just a tap (1 on a scale of 1-10).  The second stroke is a 2/10, the third 3/10, and so on.  It starts to trouble Chrissy half way through, but her obedience is well trained.  The eleventh stroke is at the edge of her pain threshold.  When she manages to whimper 'harder please' after what was to be the penultimate strike, Master says 'good girl' and spares her the worst.  Instead of the 12th stroke, he kisses her on her belly-button!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission 

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