0508 Seduced By An Intruder

23:16 video

Chrissy stands in her bedroom in her bra, panties, stockings, garter belt and heels.  She puts on a strapless dress and stands in front of a mirror to admire her figure.  Lastly she applies lipstick.  Just as she finishes, an intruder appears behind her, causing her mouth to gape in shock at the reflection of the man.  The intruder grabs Chrissy's arms from behind and takes her to the bed.  Chrissy struggles but is too weak to escape his strong grip.  She screams obscenities and demands to be let go.  He holds her down against the bed's edge, XXXX to bend over with the intruder lewdly pressed up against her behind, pinning her in place.  The intruder proceeds to cuff Chrissy's hands behind her back.  Then he produces a pink ball gag and Chrissy looks down in shock as the intruder holds the ball gag to her face.  She pleads for mercy as he slowly applies the ball gag.  The intruder then begins forcefully stripping Chrissy on the bed.  She writhes around trying to escape the man but she doesn't get far as he takes off her dress, unclasps her bra, and pulls off her panties.  He then begins groping and caressing her body.  At first Chrissy struggles and resists but soon she can’t resist the man’s sensual touch and she starts to moan in pleasure.  Then the intruder turns Chrissy face down on the bed, straddling her thighs.  He gropes her ass for a little bit before uncuffing her.  Chrissy thinks this might be her chance to get away!  He pulls off the bra while Chrissy tries to break free, to no avail.  He then recuffs her wrists behind her back to her dismay. 

Next the intruder produces several lengths of pink colored rope and puts Chrissy in a chest harness followed by a crotch rope.  Chrissy's resistance begins to ebb as she tires herself, panting heavily as the man calmly binds her body.  Once she is tied, the intruder begins groping and fondling her body, standing right behind her, causing Chrissy to moan in pleasure and lean against him willingly.  He takes out a blindfold and Chrissy looks on in fear, shaking her head.  The intruder applies the blindfold as Chrissy whimpers.  Then he pulls out the hitachi vibrator and Chrissy wiggles and mmmpphhs loudly when she hears the vibrator click on.  The intruder caresses her body with the vibrator from her face and down her body to her crotch where he applies the vibrator to her clit making Chrissy cry out and moan in pleasure.  After a minute, he pulls it away, making Chrissy angry and humping at the intruder to put it back.  He then pulls out several leather belts.  First he straps one belt around her ankles, forcing her legs together.  He then places the hitachi vibrator between her legs at its highest setting and applies more belts around her legs, trapping the vibrator tightly against her pussy.  The intruder backs away, leaving Chrissy writhing and wiggling in pleasure, moaning and groaning loudly, lifting her legs to press the hitachi against her crotch even harder until she has an intense orgasm.  After she cums Chrissy lies on the bed, breathing heavily and moaning in pleasure.  The intruder returns, turns off the vibrator and lies down behind Chrissy.  As he gropes her body she wiggles and rubs against him.  Looks like she’s eager for more!

*A custom story written by Patreon creator DERB - Be sure to check out more of his work on Patreon!

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