0500 Chrissy's Biggest Fan

22:40 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Chichi Medina - 

Famous bondage model Chrissy is waiting for her rigger to arrive for a shoot when she hears a XXXX at the door early. She is surprised to find it’s a female fan who has a crush on her. The fan's biggest wish is to tie Chrissy up and play with her. Chrissy tells her she doesn’t have much time but agrees to give her fan 5 minutes. After the fan has tied Chrissy’s wrists and elbows (on screen) she starts to kiss Chrissy and fondle her breasts. At first Chrissy wants to resist, but the kisses convince her to continue and both start to get aroused.

Next we see the fan has tied Chrissy to the bed (off screen tying). She continues kissing and teasing her captive for a couple minutes. Finally the fan cleave gags Chrissy with a long white cloth. Then suddenly the rigger arrives. Chrissy sees him but can’t warn her new lover because she is gagged. The rigger sneaks up behind the and hand gags her, saying “What a lovely surprise, I guess I get to tie up two girls today!”

Now the rigger has tied up both girls with their arms behind their backs and their ankles tied (off screen tying). He commands them to continue to kiss and fondle each other…as far it is possible for them in their position. The fan never imagined she would have a chance to be tied up with her favorite model Chrissy! The girls are enjoying themselves but after a few minutes the rigger has had enough and wants to shoot the photos he originally came for. Luckily for him he has twice the number of models now!

He takes the bondage to the next level by hogtying both girls then stuffing panties in their mouths and cleave gagging them tightly! He enjoys what he sees as they struggle for a few minutes. Then he comes back and folds up the turtleneck collars over the mouth and nose of both damsels and leaves them to struggling helplessly together on the bed! The fan feels so lucky to be costarring with her crush in a bondage shoot and hopes she can come back for more!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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