0495 Taped Back To Back In Overalls

15:40 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy and Star are sitting on a sofa lounging in just their tops and white panties. Chrissy tells Star she went shopping today and she would never guess what she bought! She hasn’t worn them in years! Star has no idea what Chrissy is talking about so Chrissy decided to show her. She leaves the scene and then brings back two pairs of overalls. Star is surprised to hear that Chrissy bought her a pair too! They both grab a pair and try them on, walking around in them for bit, mentioning how cute and comfortable the overalls are. After a minute or so Star sneaks away from Chrissy. A short time later Chrissy realizes Star is missing but she isn’t concerned and knows that her friend will return soon. Before Chrissy knows it Star sneaks up on her with a white rag and holds it over her mouth and nose! Chrissy struggles but it’s not long before her eyes flutter closed and her body falls XXXX in Star’s arms.

Star begins to duct tape Chrissy while she is out. She starts with her wrists and legs, then proceeds to tape up her body, which is more difficult than she expected with a XXXX body! When she is almost finished wrapping the tape around her chest Chrissy starts to wake up. “STAR! What are you doing!?” Star then informs Chrissy that this was all a ploy and Chrissy was just too naïve to think she was her friend. She has just been waiting for the right time to overpower her so she can rob her of all her valuables! Chrissy, in shock, starts to speak “But…but…I thought..” but just before Chrissy can finish her sentence, Star takes a strip of duct tape and gags Chrissy with it. “And thanks for the overalls too!” Star says then stands up and puts her hands in her the pockets of her overalls, admiring the work she has done and laughing at Chrissy in her helpless predicament.

Unknowing to Star, a masked man is sneaking up behind her and proceeds to XXXX her out as well. Star is then taped up and gagged just the same as Chrissy was. Star wakes up after she is bound and gagged to find that she is also in a predicament and the man is no where to be seen. They both struggle and desperately try to get free, but before they manage to escape the masked man returns tapes them together back to back! They continue struggling helplessly with no idea of what the masked man wants! And just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, he returns again and puts a strip of tape over their eyes! They are really frightened now and try to call out for help but all you can hear are muffled mmmpphhs emanating from their tapegagged mouths!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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