0490 The Case Of A Missing Woman

17:00 video

Chrissy is a private investigator who has been hired to investigate a case involving a missing woman. She is following a lead that the woman's car was last seen in Mr. Oak’s neighborhood. She is going door to door throughout the neighborhood looking for leads until she unknowingly stumbles into the culprit's home and finds out she may have bitten off more than she can chew with this case. As it turns out Mr. Oak is a slave trader and now he's got his eyes set on Chrissy.

After hearing a XXXX at the door Mr. Oak answers and Chrissy introduces herself, stating that she is a private investigator who has been hired to look into the case of a missing woman who was last seen in the area. Chrissy hands him a photo of the woman and asks if he has seen her. Mr. Oak (the man behind the disappearance) obviously denies ever seeing her. He tricks Chrissy to get her to come inside by telling her that if she comes in he can pull up his outdoor security camera to see if he can see the woman's car drive by on the street. Chrissy takes the bait and enters.

Chrissy sits on the couch with her legs crossed and Mr. Oak sits next to her. He asks Chrissy if they have any info on the suspect behind the disappearance of the woman she is looking for. She tells him that unfortunately they don't have any information other than the woman's car was seen in this neighborhood the day she went missing. Since he wants to find out if Chrissy is working alone, he asks her if she is working with a partner. She tells him that she is working the case alone. Mr. Oak says he thinks she is very brave to be going door to door all by herself working a case that involves such a dangerous suspect. Chrissy, sort of put off by his comment, says why don't we just check the cameras so I can go. Mr. Oak gets up to grab the laptop. While he is away Chrissy pulls out her phone and starts scrolling through it for a while. Meanwhile Mr. Oak is not grabbing the laptop… instead he is dosing a white cloth to XXXX her out with! He quietly sneaks up behind Chrissy and grabs her from behind, clamping the white cloth over her nose and mouth. Chrissy is surprised at first and fights with everything she has trying to pull the cloth away from her face. However, with every breath she takes she gets weaker and weaker until her arms slowly fall XXXX and eyes flutter and roll. She mmmmppphhs softly into the cloth as her eyes slowly close.

Later Chrissy slowly wakes to find that she is bound and gagged on the couch! She begins to struggle and mmmmppphh into her tape gag. Mr. Oak walks in and starts to inform Chrissy about her unfortunate fate as she struggles and angrily protests through her gag. "Looks like someone finally decided to wake up… You've been out for a couple of hours… I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of binding you up while you XXXXped… You see Chrissy, I'm afraid you have some bad luck… It turns out I'm the guy your looking for… The girl you're trying to find… I had her tied on this couch just like you… But don't you worry, you'll be meeting her very soon… You see my business is to export pretty women just like you overseas and I think I can make a good deal of money on a sexy woman such as yourself… Anyway, I need to go move your car so the neighbors don't get suspicious… You be a good girl and stay put for me ok?"

Mr. Oak leaves Chrissy to struggle on the couch. Eventually she is able to escape the ropes. She takes the tape gag off her mouth and gets up from the couch. She quickly goes to the front door trying to leave but finds that the door is locked from the outside and she cannot leave. Chrissy frantically searches around the house and ventures towards one of the bedrooms. She enters the bedroom and finds her phone sitting on the bed. It has apparently been turned off. She frantically tries to turn the phone on. Tension growing with every second. As Chrissy is looking at her phone she doesn't hear Mr. Oak sneak into the room behind her. Just as Chrissy is able to dial for help Oak grabs her from behind. He yet again places the white cloth over Chrissy's nose and mouth! She struggles with everything she has but to no avail. She slowly begins to embrace sweet oblivion again. Her eyes roll and flutter and finally start to close. She mmmmppphhs softly into the white cloth as her body falls XXXX in his arms.

When Chrissy slowly wakes up again she is surprised to find that she is right back where she belongs, tied and gagged in the same fashion as before. As she struggles Mr. Oak walks in and she can hear him on the phone talking about her. "Yeah she says she's a private investigator… She was asking about the last woman I sent you… No, I don't think they're onto us… Do you have time to take one more? I've got her bound and gagged ready to go… Yeah she is a slippery one… She already escaped my knots once… She can't be trusted. I'll be sending her to you with a mask on… Alright I'll have her XXXX out and ready for shipment in one hour… Thanks, Bye".

Mr. Oak walks over to Chrissy. He holds out a mask that he has XXXXd. He tells Chrissy that she cannot be trusted and that he's sorry but she's going to need to take another XXXX. He can't have her escaping again. Mr. Oak places the mask over Chrissy's face and she mmmmppphhs into her tape gag as the mask slowly does its work. She struggles and tries to fight the coming XXXX but her attempts are all in vain. Her mmmmppphhs get quieter and quieter as her eyes start to slowly flutter and close as her body accepts her fate.

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