0489 Bound To Overcome Dentophobia

29:11 video

Chrissy is enjoying a day off. At home she likes to dress comfortably, so she is wearing her favorite sweater, socks, and a short skirt. Today she finally needs to make that phone call she has been postponing for so long! She has not been to the dentist in years because those visits frighten her. But she needs a dental checkup, and a friend recommended this place for a special anti-fear treatment. Chrissy picks up the phone to inquire and repeats in disbelief what gets explained to her: A psychologist will apply a special adversarial technique in the comfort of her own home. It combines two different approaches – sensory deprivation and distraction by embarrassment. This is meant to teach her how to tolerate an unpleasant treatment. More than one session may be necessary, but once the training has been completed, she will be able to visit the dentist without fear. Sounds strange but also promising, so she schedules an appointment. They even have one available for the same day!

When the psychologist arrives, he gets right to the point. While Chrissy is still standing, a blindfold is shown to her. She is asked whether she’d be willing to wear it and stand still for an extended period. “Easy”, she says with a smile and even volunteers to put it on herself. After doing so she is informed that now she is supposed not to move for ten minutes because being able to ignore her surroundings is key to overcoming her fear. She complies, but not for long. After only half a minute or so she starts tampering with the blindfold. Obviously, she needs some help keeping still. The blindfold gets adjusted to cover her eyes again, and she is asked whether as a precaution she agrees to being partially immobilized. Not knowing what exactly that means she reluctantly allows it. Consequently, while she is still standing her wrists and elbows are tied behind her back. Rope is then tied around her arms and chest, above and one below her breasts, framing them nicely. She’s puzzled but gets assured that this is necessary for her wellbeing.

He then asks her if the embarrassment part may start now? Her “yes” does not sound very confident at all, but yes means yes. The trainer pulls down and removes her skirt and her panties. Being a professional he has done this many times before, yet he still loves his job, especially when he uncovers such a perfectly shaved pussy. He admiringly compliments helpless Chrissy on it. She definitely feels embarrassed now, but that’s exactly the purpose! Finally, a wool scarf is tied over the blindfold to make sure no gXXXXse of light comes through. He asks her to confirm whether it’s darker than before. Then she is led to her couch and carefully assisted to sit down on it. There she sits for a while mildly struggling and trying to get out of her restraints. As she can’t get free and does not know whether her trainer is still around, Chrissy starts calling hello. Alerting the neighbors might ruin the whole training, so she is told that she needs assisted silencing. She does not know what that means, either. When asked whether she agrees, she hesitates for a moment and then unassertively says okay.

She is ordered to open her mouth and keep it wide open. Sounds harmless! Not thinking that anything unpleasant could follow she complies. She sits unsuspectingly like that for a few moments. Suddenly, a ball gag is placed from behind into her readily opened mouth. That completely catches her by surprise, even more so once the gag gets secured tightly with a strap behind her neck. At this point she feels that she no longer wants to continue the training, but it’s too late. After some struggling, she realizes that it won’t get her anywhere, and she relaxes in her bondage. Once she seems to have made herself comfortable with the situation, it’s time for the next level of training. She is told that so far, her compliance has been great and that the silencer device can be removed if she agrees to continue the cure. Thinking that things can’t get worse, she nods frantically. The ball gag is taken out of her mouth, but only to be replaced by a ring gag, so she gets used to keeping her mouth open. That is not what she bargained for! She starts kicking with her legs, which is all she can do given that her arms and elbows are tied, and she can neither see nor scream.

After some heavy struggling she realizes that she is exposing her most private parts to the trainer and that he might enjoy the view a bit too much. She stops struggling and closes her legs, pressing her thighs together. In order to first calm her down a bit and then bring the embarrassment intensity up to an appropriate level again, Chrissy is assisted getting up from the sofa, led helplessly through the room, and assisted to sit down on a chair. Her hips are pulled to the front edge of the chair and a spreader bar is fastened between her ankles, opening her legs wide. She is now sitting in a very revealing position in which she can barely struggle. She tries to, but to no avail. Now the trainer says “You’ve made great progress so far, and you’ll only need to sit still with the ring gag fastened for two more hours!” When she moans and shakes her head no, he offers to cut the time in half if she agrees to total acoustic isolation and supplemental training with a genuine medical device. This combination has been proven to be just as effective as longer training without these items. Wanting to cut down the time, she nods.

After accepting her fate she is ready for the last part – rehearsal of the dental checkup. To increase the sensory deprivation, earplugs are put on her. Then the ring gag is replaced by a mouth spreader which is slowly opened ratchet by ratchet. She is then left alone to sit like this for the remainder of the video. It’s a strong and humiliating experience for Chrissy. Unable to move, senses taken away from her, breasts accentuated by ropes around her sweater, mouth and thighs XXXX open, pussy exposed and drool dropping uncontrollably out of her mouth. If she ever makes it to the dentist, that visit will in comparison feel like a walk in the park. Mission completed successfully!

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