0481 Ponygirls In Training

17:25 video

Starring Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie - 

Show ponies are one of the highest orders of slaves, and only the most beautiful female slaves are allowed to be show ponies. A show pony’s main job is to entertain and impress. She does this by parading her naked (or nearly naked) body before others. Show ponies are trained to do this with poise and elegance. Show ponies typically perform while decorated with the accessories favored by bondage aficionados such as tight fitting harnesses, arm restraints, gags, nipple clamps, etc. Colorful feathers on the tops of their heads are also common.

This video shows Ashley Lane and Chrissy Marie being trained by a Master to parade as show ponies. First he trains them to do the ‘high step’. Placing an emphasis on poise, this involves lifting the knee as high as possible while stepping forward, keeping the foot pointed downward. Ashley starts by practicing the high step, first in place, then back and forth across the room. Then it’s Chrissy’s turn. Next they trained to do the ‘march’, which is a faster step where the knees are lifted about half as high. Again Ashley goes first, practicing the march first in place, then back and forth across the room. Finally he trains both ponygirls at the same time on both the high step and the march, making them concentrate on moving their legs in tandem with each other. 
Throughout the scene their Master gives them instructions and critiques as they go about their movements. He lashes them on their bottoms whenever they appear to be losing concentration or failing to lift their knees high enough during the high step.

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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