0478 Bound Blackmail Pt. 1

15:01 video

Chrissy is a high powered executive for a big company. She is at home when she hears a XXXX at the door. When she answers she is surprised to see it’s the accountant from work. He tells her he needs to speak with her about something and she asks him why this couldn’t wait until they were in the office. He tells her he really thinks she would rather discuss this in private, so she invites him in, slightly concerned over the reason for his visit. As he closes the door behind him he quickly pulls a rag out of his pocket and grabs Chrissy, clamping his hand over her mouth and nose. She struggles violently to break free from his grasp but she is quickly getting too weak to fight back. Her eyes flutter closed and her body falls XXXX in his arms. He picks her up and carries her into the kitchen where he checks to make sure she is really out. Then he proceeds to tie her up with white rope (off screen). Later Chrissy awakens to find her legs frog tied and her wrists and elbows welded together with rope behind her back. She asks him why he is doing this to her. He explains that he knows she has been trying to get him fired and he’s pretty sure he’s discovered why! He just needs the evidence to prove it! So he cleave gags her and goes to look for what he needs. She struggles desperately to get free before he finds what she is afraid he is looking for. She tries to get into the drawers to find scissors or something sharp to cut herself free, but since she is frog tied everything is just out of reach. Soon the accountant returns with just what she was afraid of… her bank statements that prove she has been the one embezzling money from the company! He tells her that now she’s the one that’s going to lose her job and go to jail. She begs him to please not tell anyone! So he decides to take advantage of the situation and tells her if she doesn’t want him to turn her in, she is going to have to do whatever he tells her to. She asks him what does that mean? He just laughs and unbuttons her blouse then aggressively gropes her tits to show her just what he means! Then he makes her confess her crimes as he films it on his phone so that he really has everything he needs to blackmail her into doing whatever he wants! He has some ideas in mind…but for now he leaves her helplessly struggling as he goes to snoop around her place to see what else he can find!

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