0475 College Girl Held For Ransom

15:30 video

Chrissy is a college student who has been captured and brought back to the captor's lair to be ransomed off. She was caught wearing a t-shirt, skinny jeans, plain white ankle socks and her Adidas sneakers. The video opens with Chrissy sitting on a chair blindfolded, cleave gagged and tightly bound with her wrists and elbows welded together behind her back, as well as her knees and ankles tied and rope above and below her breasts cinched tightly to prevent her from escaping.

Chrissy is struggling to free herself from her binds when her captor enters the room and removes her blindfold and tells her she's being held for ransom. Using her phone he takes a photo of her and then pulls her cleave gag down around her neck and dials her daddy on her phone. He allows her to frantically cry for help before hanging it up and putting the gag tightly back into her mouth. He carelessly leaves her phone on a cabinet in the room. When he leaves Chrissy takes the opportunity to get up from the chair and hop over to her phone. She fumbles around to get a grip on it but her arms are too tightly bound behind her back and she drops it on the floor. She desperately looks for anything to cut herself free but is unsuccessful. Finally, she gives up and tries to hop toward the door to escape. She tries the door but it won't budge. As she hops back away from it her captor re-enters the room and grabs her. He's furious at her attempt to escape and decides to punish her. He gropes and man handles her before putting her on the floor and pulling her t-shirt up through the ropes to reveal her breasts. He also takes off her sneakers to reveal her white ankle socks. Then he pulls down her cleave gag and stuffs a big red ball gag and in her mouth instead. He tells her she shouldn't have tried anything stupid and that things are about to get a lot worse for her.

When we next see Chrissy she's lying on a bed on her side, still ballgagged but now she is naked except for her white ankle socks. Her elbows, wrists, chest, knees and ankles are bound with rope. She's also been fitted with a steel collar and is tethered to the bed with a rope from the collar going to the head of the bed and a rope from her ankles to the end of the bed. The ropes are stretching her tightly so that she can barely move around and there's no chance of escaping this time. After several minutes of helplessly squirming and struggling against the tight ropes her captor comes in and adds clothespins to her nipples for even more punishment. He leaves her there while he goes to collect the ransom. She continues to struggle hopelessly for a couple more minutes before finally letting out a whimper as she gives up, now exhausted from her ordeal.

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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