0474 Chichi's Audit Gone Awry

14:35 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Chichi Medina - 

Chichi believes Chrissy is an auditor from a government agency coming to talk to her about some discrepancies on her taxes. When Chichi answers the door Chrissy thanks her for meeting on such short notice and starts asking her questions about her deductions. When Chichi turns to point Chrissy in the direction of her home office, Chrissy pulls a white cloth out of her bag and holds it over Chichi’s mouth and nose, overpowering her until her eyes roll back and her body falls XXXX. Chrissy gets right to work tying up Chichi (off screen). When she eventually starts to wake up Chrissy is prepared and cleave gags her. Then she explains to Chichi she’s actually not there to audit her but she instead plans to rob her! She finishes tying her up then leaves her helplessly bound and gagged while she goes to find her money and valuables. Chichi struggles to get loose but Chrissy has her tied too tight and there is no escape. Later, someone comes and XXXX on the door. Chichi tries to cry out for help but Chrissy comes back and handgags her to keep her quiet. Worried that the person might come back Chrissy re-gags her with panties stuffed in her mouth to keep her more quiet. Finally she hogties her and pulls Chichi's big tits out of her dress, leaving her there to be found like that later, or not!

*In collaboration with and previously released by Girl Next Door Bondage

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