0470 Hooters Girl Hogtied

21:31 video

Chrissy arrives home early from her shift at Hooters and asks her boyfriend (pov) what he wants to do tonight. He tells her he has something in mind and reveals that he has been dreaming about tying her up. Chrissy is a little apprehensive about it since she has never done anything like that before but the relationship is still new and she is willing to try anything that will make him happy so she agrees to give it a try. He starts out by tying her hands behind her back and she playfully struggles against the ropes. So far so good. He goes on to bind her nylon covered legs and socked feet then he ties her elbows together tight and she comments she didn’t even know her elbows could do that! He adds some more rope around her chest pinning her arms down and she realizes that he isn’t new at this whole bondage thing. He obviously has a lot of experience! Just when she thinks he is done he puts her down on the floor and adds a crotch rope which she must admit she likes the way it feels. But then he cranks unsuspecting Chrissy into a tight arching hogtie and she starts to protest telling him that it is way too tight! Chrissy has had enough of this game and asks him to untie her but he is really into it now and doesn’t plan to untie her anytime soon! He tells Chrissy she is ruining his fantasy with all her complaining and gags her with an extra large white ball gag strapped on tight! She is angry that he isn’t listening to her and now she can’t say anything with that huge gag in her mouth! Just when Chrissy thought it couldn’t get any worse he ties her ponytail to her elbows, pulling her head back and practically immobilizing her! She is horrified as he leaves her there to struggle in the torturously strict hogtie. She helplessly squirms and drools, the fear evident in her eyes as she realizes she doesn’t know how much more she can take and it seems he is not going to untie her anytime soon! He comes back a couple minutes later to find she is stuck and can’t even manage to roll over because the hogtie is so tight. So he gives her hand and roll her on her side as Chrissy begs and pleads with him through her gag to please untie her! Of course he doesn’t and she is left struggling hopelessly and growing more and more distressed by the minute!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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