0464 Chicken Winged Hogtie Torture

11:05 video

Chrissy finds herself in another intense bondage predicament! Her wrists have been tied behind her back, elbows tightly crushed together and arms were pulled into a chicken wing position. Then she was placed on the bondage table and her crossed ankles were bound and used to pull her into a strict hogtie. Finally a rope was tied from her hogtie up to the ceiling arching her back even further and securing her into an extreme chicken winged hogtie (Off screen tying)

The video starts with Chrissy begging her captor to let her go. When he doesn't she starts to cry out for help. So he proceeds to gag her with a big red ball gag to shut her up. He leaves her there struggling helplessly in the intense hogtie, squirming and rocking back and forth only to find there is no hope, nothing she does provides any relief from the painful bondage. There is no chance of escape and it's not long before she starts drooling uncontrollably from being tightly gagged. When the captor returns she pleads with him for mercy through her gag, but he shows her none. Instead he gropes her and pulls down her shiny tube dress exposing her breasts. Then just when she thought it couldn't get any worse he attaches clover clamps to her nipples just to torment her even more! She is left there to suffer as she endures the chicken wing hogtie torture for an indefinite amount of time!

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