0463 Help Me Daddy! I'm All Tied Up!

14:55 video

Chrissy had a habit of calling her step dad home from work whenever she would hear a strange noise. She often thinks there is someone in the house but it’s always just her imagination. This time when Chrissy called him he was very busy but he came home anyway to look around and prove to her that there was no one hiding in the house. He had checked the usual places but today he didn't check well enough because after he left a man came out of hiding and tied up his step daughter Chrissy. He also stuffed her mouth with panties and tapegagged her. Chrissy struggled hard to escape but couldn’t get loose. Then she remembered that she had her cell phone under one of her pillows on her bed. She was able to struggle over to it and call her step father for help, but since she was so heavily gagged he could not understand a word she was saying. Eventually he realized it sounds like she has something in her mouth but he didn’t take her seriously. He told Chrissy to quit playing games and warned her not to call him a again and hung up. Apparently she had cried wolf one too many times! Chrissy was furious and squealed loudly into her phone for help but the only person who heard her was the bad guy. He came back and took her phone away and tied Chrissy even tighter. He also took off her shoes, pulled down her shorts and pantyhose and exposed her breasts then tied a neck rope off to her bed leaving her in a completely inescapable predicament while he finished ransacking the house. She was left helplessly struggling for hours until her step father came home to find her all tied up with her tits out!    

*In collaboration with and previously released by Girl Next Door Bondage

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