0462 Backbend Bondage Torture

27:11 video

Schoolgirl Chrissy has been captured and is being held again her will. She is wearing a plaid shirt, white blouse, white knee socks, high heels and a black XXXXr necklace. Her captor drags her into his dungeon room, her hands already tightly cuffed behind her back. Chrissy is pleading with her captor, begging to be let go and for him not to hurt her. She has no idea what he wants from her! She is pushed up against the wall and told not to move. He pulls her hair forcing her head back and says “just do what I tell you to and you won't get hurt!” Chrissy responds “Okay just please don’t hurt me!” She is then taken over to his bondage table and bent over it. Chrissy has surrendered to doing what ever he asks so that she won’t get hurt! Her handcuffs are removed, skirt is removed, then he proceeds to give her a hard spanking. She quietly whimpers but tries to be obedient because she is afraid that it will only get worse if she fights him! Next Chrissy is told to lay down on her back with her head and legs extending off the table. Her ankles are pulled back towards her wrists and they are tied close to each other with rope, stretching her into a strict backbend position (partial on screen tying). She struggles and is lifting up her head trying to see her captor’s next move! Her shirt is undone and she begs him “Please stop, why are you doing this?!” He decides to ball gag her to shut her up. Then rope is tied to her hair and down to the base of the table, pulling her head back even further. She can barely move and is completely exposed and vulnerable in this position which is exactly what he was aiming for!

For the rest of the video he tortures his helplessly bound captive, first by attaching clover clamps to her nipples and pulling on them as she mmmpphhs and protests through her gag. Then he lights a candle and slowly drips the hot wax all over her naked body. Even though she is gagged it’s obvious how painful it is by the gag noises she makes as she desperately struggles to get away, but there is no escape, she is completely helpless and he is going to continue doing whatever he wants to her! Next he uses a vibrator on her and it’s not long before she has an orgasm, but he isn’t done with her yet. He continues to vibe her sensitive pussy as she squirms and begs him through her gag to stop. She is clearly distressed. However she can’t fight it and before long he XXXX her to cum again, this time making her squirt! He gives her a short break but just when she thinks the orgasm torture is over he turns it back on and makes her cum yet again! Finally he stops and leaves her there still tied up and gagged, promising to come back to torment her more! Chrissy is so exhausted from all the torture she already endured that she can hardly put up a fight. She is hopelessly stuck in the backbend bondage predicament until her captor returns to play with her some more!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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