0461 Stretched & Sweaty Interrogation

10:27 video

Chrissy is your prisoner in an abandoned warehouse. Her body is glistening with sweat and she is breathing heavily. Her wrists are bound and her arms stretched high overhead and secured to the wooden post. Her legs are also tied spread and she is naked except for a black g-string. She struggles for a couple minutes then you enter the room. She looks into the camera (POV) and asks you where she is. After hearing your response she says “Your personal torture chamber...why am I being held in your torture chamber?” After another pause she responds “No, I’m not going to tell you anything! Go ahead, you can torture me but I won’t talk!” Then her body recoils as you electrocute her. After a few seconds she slumps and continues breathing heavily. She insists again that she won’t talk and even challenges you saying “You call this torture you pussy? I can withstand any torture you can dish out!” She is electrocuted again. She gasps for air and her body slumps. The camera slowly pans up and down her body, showing her sweating profusely.

Now she notices you staring at her armpits. She glances at each of your armpits and says “What are you looking at? You don’t like my armpit stubble? What do you expect you’ve had me chained up in this torture chamber for a week. I can’t really shave my armpits chained up like this can I? Why don’t you shave my armpits if they bother you so much. Or better yet, lick the sweat off my armpit stubble you fucking pig.” As soon as she says that you electrocute her again. After a few seconds she slumps then looks up at you again warning you that she has backup that knows the location of your torture chamber. She threatens you saying “when they show up, I will have you hanging here naked, sweating and suffering. I will torture you slowly and methodically until you beg me for mercy.” So you electrocute her again, but this time it XXXX her out. She is hanging from her wrists, slumped and sweaty. The camera slowly pans her body with close ups of her sweaty, stubbly armpits. When she comes to her attitude has changed. She pleads with you “Please no more torture. Have mercy. I can’t tell you anything but I beg you, please don’t torture me. I will do anything. Do you want me to blow you? That’s it, I will give you a blow job. I will be your sex slave. Anything, but please don’t torture me any more.” You are not phased and electrocute her again. She is panting and sweating and breathlessly begs “Please, no more torture. No more torture. Let me please you. I beg you, I can’t take this torture any more.” Then she goes out again. The camera pans her slumped body up and down and gets close ups of her armpits as she hangs there motionless with her arms stretched high overhead.

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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