0456 Held Hostage For Her Boyfriend's Debt

17:50 video

Chrissy is in her garage looking for something when a man walks in looking for her boyfriend. She tells the guy that he isn’t here right now and asks who he is. She finds out his name is Steve. Then she remembers that her boyfriend told her he owes a lot of money to some guy named Steve. Chrissy goes to call her boyfriend and let him know that he’s here, but Steve isn’t going to let that happen! He knows if her boyfriend has been avoiding him and he doesn’t want him to know that he is there waiting for him. Chrissy is getting worried now and insists again that she is going to call him so Steve decides he needs to keep her tied up until her boyfriend comes back home.

Chrissy is still in the garage now tightly bound with rope and struggling when Steve walks back in. She asks him what he was doing in her house and he tells her he was looking for something. He won’t tell her what he was looking for but it’s not long before she finds out when a pair of her panties are stuffed into her mouth to shut her up! He cleave gags her tightly and adds more rope around her arms and chest. He tells her to be a good girl while they wait for her boyfriend to get home and leaves her there bound and gagged. Chrissy struggles to get free but the ropes are far too tight to escape. After a couple minutes she decides she has to get to phone and call for help. She precariously gets to her feet and hops over to where her phone is but when she tries to dial the number she drops it on the floor. So she works her way to the floor and finally manages to call her boyfriend but he can’t understand a word she is saying with the big wad of panties packed in her mouth! She eventually manages to get them out and tells her boyfriend about the guy name Steve who is looking for him and tied her up! She begs him to come help her but her boyfriend tells her there is no way he is coming back home knowing that Steve is there waiting for him! She decides she will have to call the cops but she doesn’t get the chance before Steve finds out that she warned her boyfriend about him. Now he knows that he isn’t going to come home so he plans to hold Chrissy hostage and make her pay for her mistake!

Chrissy ends up tied in a strict strappado position with her knees tied together and ankles tied apart and secured to the floor so there is no chance of her going anywhere! He panty gags her again, this time using micro foam tape to cleave gag her and seal them in! Now that her boyfriend won’t be coming home he plans to have fun tormenting her instead! He has already removed her skirt and proceeds to expose her breasts. He watches her struggle helplessly in the strict bondage, mmmpphhing in distress and wishing she never made that call in the first place! Later he changes her position to standing strappado so that he can pull down her pantyhose and crotch rope her! She knows the torture is far from over and frets over what else he plans to do as he makes her pay for her boyfriend’s debts!

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