0454 Chrissy Marie Wrapped & Vibed

12:45 video

Chrissy finds herself in another perilous predicament, this time tightly wrapped in many layers of plastic wrap and securely taped to a wooden post in the middle of a scary dungeon. She knows the man who did this to her has some sinister plans in store for her. A hitachi magic wand has been placed between her legs and firmly wrapped into place. She is begging him to let her go and asking what he wants and why he is doing this to her. He doesn’t give her any answers but decides he needs to shut her up before he continues tormenting her. So he stuffs a white rag into her mouth and tape gags her, wrapping the tape around the wooden post, muffling her cries for help and practically immobilizing her head so she can only look around the room in trepidation. Now that she is effectively gagged he plans to have some fun with his mummified captive. He starts by slowly tearing away some of the saran wrap to expose her breasts and grope them. Then he shows her a pair of nipple clamps he plans to use on her. She is unable to look down at her tits as he attaches the them due to her gag so the pain comes as a shock as each one clamps down on her sensitive nipples. She mmmpphs in protest and attempts to struggle, although she can hardly move. He decides it’s time to add a little pleasure to counteract the pain, even if she seems unwilling. He plugs in the vibrator and her whimpers of distress gradually turn to gagged moans of pleasure. Then he adds a heavy lock to the chain of the clamps, the added weight pulling on her nipples in an intense mix of pain and pleasure. It’s not long before the vibrations bring her to have a powerful orgasm. He removes the clover clamps from her nipples, however he doesn’t turn the vibrator off or appear to have any intention of doing so any time soon. Chrissy is made to cum over and over again as she begs for mercy through her gag. Then to her XXXX the ruthless man leaves her there all wrapped up and gagged, vibrator still on, with no indication of when he will return for her. She helplessly whimpers and struggles in distress as she is XXXX to endure the seemingly endless orgasm torture!

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