0453 Chrissy Sensually Dominates Dixie

12:25 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Dixie Comet - 

Chrissy has a special evening planned for her girlfriend. Dixie is usually the one who takes control in the bedroom and Chrissy wants to return the favor and add a little kinky fun to the mix. So Chrissy has tied Dixie spread eagle to the bed using leather cuffs and rope and has left her waiting while she changed into some super sexy lingerie complete with fishnet stockings. Dixie lightly struggles and squirms in anticipation. Chrissy comes back in and starts to tease her girlfriend by kissing her and licking her nipples. She wants to keep her quiet while she has her way with her and gags her with a red ball gag and gives her gagged mouth another kiss. She carresses Dixie's naked body and then starts to tease her with a set of nipple clamps. Then she blindfolds her and applies the clamps to Dixie's nipples that are nice and perky from all the sensual attention they've been getting. Dixie has no idea whats coming next now that she is blindfolded. Chrissy tugs on the chain of the clamps and Dixie responds appropriately. She decides it's time to turn up the heat. She grabs a vibrator from the nightstand as Dixie lie there unaware of what's to cum. When she hears the vibrator turn on her excitement is evident. Chrissy teases her with the vibrator, first using it on her clamped nipples, then slowly moving it down her torso and finding Dixie's sweet spot with it. It's not long before Chrissy's sensual touch combined with the powerful vibrations bring Dixie to orgasm. However Chrissy isn't done playing with her yet. She keeps vibing her until she can't help but have another intense orgasm. Chrissy is really enjoying having her girlfriend in such a vulnerable position and has some other ideas in mind for her, but first she is going to let her recover. Chrissy promises to return for her but doesn't say when. She leaves Dixie there struggling helplessly bound, ballgagged, blindfolded and nipple clamped, begging for Chrissy to come back! 

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