0452 Chrissy & Chichi: Roped Up Roommates

16:45 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Chichi Medina - 

Chrissy and Chichi are roommates who came home to find a stranger in their house! He made them strip down to their undergarments and nylons then tied them up, leaving them helplessly struggling as he continues searching their house for valuables. The girls are afraid to call out for help because of what else he might do to them, but eventually Chrissy insists they have no other choice. So the girls start crying out for help, hoping one of the neighbors might hear, but no one comes to their rescue in time. The intruder returns, angry at the girls for not staying quiet. He is prepared with some panties out of their hamper to gag them with. As he stuffs the dirty panties in Chichi's mouth Chrissy gets angry and starts insulting and trying to kick him away. Now he is going to make her pay for putting up a fight. He finishes cleave gagging Chichi then goes to get something extra special to gag Chrissy with. He returns with a roll of white micro foam tape. He stuffs the other pair of panties in Chrissy's mouth then tightly wraps the tape between her teeth and around her head several times tightly sealing them in. Then he proceeds to tie Chrissy's elbows together and brutally chicken winging her! That's what she gets for pissing him off! Chichi watches in XXXX hoping that he doesn't do that to her too! Luckily for Chichi the man spares her the brutal arm bondage since she was obedient and didn't put up as much of a fight. He still adds more rope around Chichi's chest, pinning her arms to her body. In the process he decides he really wants to check out her tits, so he pulls down her bra to expose them. He would love to spend more time with the two half-naked tightly bound beauties, but it's time for him to make his getaway. He leaves the two girls struggling desperately to free themselves from the tight ropes, mmmphing as they attempt to communicate with each other in the process. Will they manage to get free or will they be stuck helplessly bound and gagged until someone comes looking for them? Watch to find out!

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