0451 Mother Daughter Victims of Home Invasion

9:20 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Milf Gigi - 

Chrissy comes home to find her mother tied up and gagged on the floor! She rushes over to help, asking her what happened and who did this to her, but she can’t understand anything her mother is saying because her mouth is packed full and cleave gagged! She frantically tries to start untying her but it’s too late, the guy who did this to her heard Chrissy come in and is now standing behind her. He clamps his hand over her mouth and Chrissy’s eyes go wide with fear as she realizes that the same thing that happened to her mom is about to happen to her! She tries to scream but he keeps his hand firmly over her mouth and uses his knees to forcefully pin her arms behind her back. He pulls out a bandana and stuffs the whole thing in Chrissy’s mouth as soon as he removes his hand giving her no chance to call for help. He seals it in with a long white cloth pulled tightly between her teeth then starts tying her elbows, crushing them together as Chrissy mmmpphhs and whimpers in distress. He goes on to tie her ankles crossed and her wrists together behind her back, both brutally tight as well, all while her mom struggles violently trying to get free so she can try to save her daughter! Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse he pulls Chrissy up to her knees and pulls out her tits as her mother angrily thrashes and gag bitches at the man to leave her daughter alone, too bad he isn’t done with her yet! He crotch ropes Chrissy and uses it to bind her into a strict hogtie, leaving her totally helpless in the brutally tight ropes. He decides her mom needs some extra attention since she is still putting up quite a fight, so he crotch ropes her too and tightens her hogtie. He leaves his helpless victims there to go find what he came for, promising to return for them as well! They struggle in desperation to get free and attempt to gag talk to each other to come up with a plan but they are too muffled by the thick cloths in their mouths that it’s hopeless! It’s not long before it’s clear that there is no escape in sight for these two torturously hogtied victims of a home invasion!

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