0449 Chrissy Lures Chichi Into A Trap!

14:55 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Chichi Medina - 

Chichi met Chrissy at a club and they quickly hit it off and became great friends... or so Chichi thought! Chrissy brings her back to her place at the end of the night. It didn't take much convincing after Chichi had a few drinks. She offers to help her out of her dress which looks uncomfortable to XXXX in. While Chrissy distracts Chichi by trying to remove her dress her partner sneaks up behind and clamps his hand tightly over her mouth before she can scream. He pins Chichi's arms behind her back and Chrissy starts tying up her ankles and wrists. Her partner says they need something to put in her mouth to keep her quiet and Chrissy says she has just the thing! She stands and pulls down her panties from under her skirt and stuffs them in Chichi's mouth then grabs a cloth from nearby and cleave gags her tightly with it! Chichi is visibly scared and confused but it's not long before she figures out what is going on as Chrissy excitedly tells her partner how much money they are going to make off of her! Chichi begins to realize she was tricked by Chrissy and she is in real danger! She struggles to get loose as more and more rope is added around her thighs and chest, desperately trying to plead with Chrissy through her gag, but too bad for her Chrissy is more concerned with making money than she is with making new friends!

Once Chichi is all tied up and gagged Chrissy tells her partner that they should take some photos of her to send to her prospective buyers. While he goes to look for the camera Chrissy teases and torments Chichi, telling her she hopes that she enjoys the bondage because there will be a lot more of it where she is going! She pulls down Chichi's shiny dress and can't help but to grope and squeeze her big tits! She continues to play with Chichi while she waits for her partner to return, pulling down her pantyhose and teasing her about falling into her trap, all the while Chichi struggles and mmmppphhs helplessly. Eventually her partner returns and says he couldn't find the camera but it's time to take her to a more secure location until she is sold so they should get her into the trunk. Chichi really doesn't like the sound of that! Chrissy leaves to go get the car and Chichi is left struggling frantically trying to get free before they return, but unfortunately there is no escape from her new life as a bondage slave!

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