0446 Tree Tied Torture

11:15 video

Chrissy has been left naked and tied to a tree with her arms stretched overhead and her rope gag and crotch rope both tightly secured to the tree so that she can hardly move! She struggles and squirms helplessly in the inescapable predicament, fearfully waiting for her captor to return, worried about what ways he plans to torture her next! Some time later he returns with a pair of clover clamps and she tries to beg him to let her go, mmpphhing through her tight rope gag, but he says nothing as he proceeds to clamp her nipples and torture her by pulling on the chain. She appropriately reacts to the painful sensations of her clamped nipples being stretched. He then leaves her there again with her nipples tightly clamped and in visible distress. Later he returns and removes the tight clamps from her nipples which is even more torturous than when he put them on! Then he torments her further by tugging on the crotch rope that is already pulled excruciatingly tight up in her pussy. She is left struggling hopelessly knowing that he has even more evil plans in store for her when he returns!

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