0433 Chrissy & The Bad Handyman

19:00 video

Chrissy is relaxing at home when someone XXXX on the door. She answers the door and the man explains he is a handyman and was just working on her neighbors house and wanted to see if he was interested in his services. The truth is he spotted her in her skimpy outfit through the windows and really just wants to have his way with her. She tells him she has been having some problems with her sink draining and perhaps he could take a look at it for her. Once he is inside he makes his move, grabbing her from behind and hand gagging her, threatening her not to make a sound, however when he takes his hand off her mouth she still won’t shut up so he puts her in a XXXX hold until he XXXX her out! He scoops up her XXXX body into a XXXX carry and carries her into the bedroom! He throws her down on the bed and proceeds to play with her XXXX like body and check her eyes. Then he strips off all her clothes and gropes her naked body! After a couple minutes he decides he better restrain her before she wakes up!

Chrissy slowly starts to come to only to find that she is tightly bound with rope! Her wrists are tied behind her back and her legs are frog tied with rough jute rope. She struggles and calls out for help only to get the attention of the bad handyman. He comes in and cleave gags her with a red bandana to quiet her down. She continues to struggle and mmmpphh helplessly. He leaves her struggling bound and gagged while he snoops around her house. Chrissy furiously squirms around on the bed trying to free herself from the tight ropes before the handyman returns, to no avail. He comes back holding a handful of clothespins and she looks at him fearfully wondering what he plans to do with them. She is horrified as he proceeds to clamp two clothespins onto each of her nipples, leaving her writhing and whimpering in pain. He continues to grope and torture her as she begs him through her gag to take them off. He eventually does but makes sure to torment her even more in the removal process!

Then he shows her what else he found while he was snooping around… her Hitachi! Feeling embarrassed she shakes her head in denial when he says she must like to enjoy herself with it…and he sure likes to see a girl enjoy herself! He turns on the vibrator, spreads her frog tied legs and pushes it against her bare pussy, making her squirm and moan uncontrollably. She tries to fight it but eventually she can’t anymore and cums against her will! That doesn’t stop the handyman from continuing to force another bound orgasm out of her as she helplessly squirms! How humiliating! The handyman says she really should be thanking him and she will do that with all the valuables in her house he plans to take! He tells her he is sure someone will find her eventually and leaves her there bound and gagged. She continues to struggle and whimper, humiliated and hopelessly wondering if help will come before it's too late!

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