0428 The Jilted Janitor

20:05 video

Guest Starring Dominic Wolfe - Chrissy is a successful businesswoman who was in a pinch when her sink clogged up on a Saturday. She decided to call the janitor she employs her firm and luckily he was able to come over and fix the sink for her in no time! We see them chatting on Chrissy's sofa as she thanks him for helping her out. The Janitor eventually works up the courage up to ask Chrissy if she would like to go on a date with him. He’s had his eyes on her for a long time. Chrissy is flattered but politely declines and tells him she doesn’t date anyone she employs or works with. This doesn't stop him and he keeps trying to convince her to go out with him, telling her he has a great surprise for her and she just doesn't understand what she is saying no too. Chrissy continues to politely decline but the janitor just won't take no for an answer! Suddenly the janitor gets fed up and grabs Chrissy and starts tying her up! Chrissy is shocked and demands him to stop or else he will be fired! The janitor tells Chrissy again that she just doesn't know what she is saying no to and continues tying her up tight as she struggles. He ignores her protests and insists she is going to enjoy herself! The janitor then shows her a pair of her dirty panties he found in her hamper earlier when she went to the store! He makes Chrissy sit on a barstool and then XXXX her to smell her own worn panties before stuffing them into her mouth. He then wraps electrical tape around her mouth and head extra tight to seal the packing in! Her protests are quite muffled but she continues to plead with him to let her go, but instead he continues to add even more rope, binding Chrissy up with a lot of rope (on camera) while groping, teasing and mocking her along the way! For the final touch he secures Chrissy in a bent over sitting ball tie position and tells her this is the special date he had planned for her all along! He then leaves her there while he goes to finish up his job in the kitchen. She struggles desperately in the strict bondage and tight torturous gag, but she is ultimately helpless and can’t manage to get free before the janitor returns to continue their kinky date!

*Produced in collaboration with Dominic Wolfe

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