0408 Three Sexy Spies Seek Revenge

29:46 video

Starring Chrissy Marie, Lola Anderson & Khristall - 

Three spies, two from the same company (Khristall and Lola) and one of a rival company (Chrissy) are on the same mission steal important documents from a house. The sexy spies are all dressed in shiny cat suits, Khristall and Lola are partners in all black and Chrissy is the rival spy wearing a tight red cat suit. The scene starts with Chrissy entering the house to search for the documents when her two rival spies sneak up and confront her, pushing her into the wall and leaving Chrissy a little dazed. Khristall grabs Chrissy by the hair and holds her arms behind her back while Lola goes to find the some rope to secure her with. While Lola is away Chrissy manages to overpower Khristall and tie her hands behind her back. She then gags her with a white cloth over her mouth and finishes tying her up her legs. When Lola returns with more rope, Chrissy overpowers her and uses the rope she brought back to tie her up too! With both rival agents now bound and gagged, Chrissy gets back to business and leaves to search for the documents. The two spies struggle and gag talk to each other in a desperate attempt to get free and stop their rival Chrissy gets away with the important documents! They eventually manage to help each other escape the tight bonds. They pull down their gags and vow to get revenge!

Not wanting to make the same mistake, they sneak up on Chrissy and Lola throws a rope to lasso her from behind. They pull her to her knees and Khristall gags her with a white OTM gag just like she had done to her! Khristall then starts tying up her wrists as Lola hand gags and trash talks to Chrissy. Once Chrissy is all tied up Khristall and Lola decide to split up this time to more quickly find the documents. Chrissy can’t believe they managed to escape and definitely is not going to let her rivals get away with this! She furiously struggles in her shiny red cats suit until she too manages to free herself. Now it’s her turn to get revenge! Chrissy finds Lola first and sneaks up behind he, surprising her when she pulls the white OTM gag over her mouth and tightly knots it behind her head! Chrissy ties up Lola’s wrists and legs. Meanwhile, Khristall found the documents and comes to find Lola as Chrissy is just finishing tying her up. A short cat fight starts as Lola struggles but Khristall quickly take the advantage and gags her nemesis Chrissy yet again. She begins tying her wrists behind her back. When she is finished tying up her rival Chrissy Khristall decides she is not going to free her partner Lola and instead decides to complete the mission alone!

Khristall leaves to make a call and find out the next step of the mission now that she has located the documents. Meanwhile Lola and Chrissy try to break free from their bonds. Lola is visibly angry with Khristall for abandoning her and really wants to get free and get payback! They quickly work together to escape and go to stop Khristall before she gets away! Now a team, Chrissy and Lola confront Khristall and the two girls easily overpower her, both of them tying her up and gagging her, adding even more rope than before to keep her extra secure! However, Lola didn’t forget that Chrissy is her nemesis and overpowers Chrissy when she least expects it, proceeding to bind and gag her just like Khristall! Proud of her victory, Lola takes the documents and leaves Chrissy and Khristall struggling helplessly, this time unable to escape no matter how hard they try. Lola unexpectedly returns and starts to untie Chrissy’s legs. Then she tell Chrissy she is going to take her with her in order to gain more information about the rival company! She walks out with Chrissy still bound and gagged, telling her traitor partner Khristall to have a nice life as she is left hopelessly struggling all alone!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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