0406 Twice The Turtleneck Bondage In Boots

15:35 video

Starring Chrissy & Khristall - 

Khristall is on the phone with her friend Chrissy telling all about the hot date she has tonight with a young millionaire she met online. She mentions that her date asked her to wear a turtleneck sweater and knee high boots. After she finishes telling her how excited she is she hangs up and waits for her date. Some time later the door bell rings. Surprise! It’s her friend Chrissy. Dressed in an almost identical outfit that she’s in with her dark blue turtleneck dress and tan knee high boots! Chrissy overpowers Khristall and starts tying her wrists behind her back with rope as she explains her plan to steal her date with the young millionaire! She plans to tie her up and gag her and when her date arrives he will think that Chrissy is actually the girl he met online! Of course Khristall is furious that her friend would sabotage her date in such a way, but Chrissy assures her that they never really were close friends anyway. She gags her with three strips of duct tape then finishes tying her up as Khristall struggles and mmppphss in protest. She tells Khristall she is sure someone will come to her rescue eventually and leaves to freshen up and wait for the millionaire to arrive! Khristall struggles desperately to escape before Chrissy gets away with her date!

Next we see Chrissy greeting the young millionaire at the door. At first he is shortly taken aback, wondering if Chrissy is actually the woman from the chat, but impressed by her look, he quickly gets to business! She asks where they are going on their date and he replies “Nowhere” then grabs her and starts tying her wrists behind her back! Then he carries her over his shoulder upstairs where he finds quite the surprise! The girl he was actually supposed to go on a date is already bound and gagged! He only planned on tying up one girl in her turtleneck tonight, but now he gets to have fun with two! He gags Chrissy with a big red ball gag and finishes tying her up tight! Then he torments them a little as the girls beg and plead through their gags for him to leave them alone! Not a chance! He tells them he is going to go get some things from his car and then the three of them are going to have some more fun! He leaves the two girls alone, helplessly struggling while tightly tied up in their turtleneck sweaters and boots!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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