0405 Slave Girl Struggling To Escape

8:20 video

Part two of video "0404 Slave Girl Bound & Struggling" -

When her Master finally returns he finds that Chrissy had already been trying to escape! So he tells her to go ahead and untie herself, save him the work! She accepts the challenge and continues to work on the tight ropes binding her wrists. They are tied even more securely than she thought! After a few minutes he tells her if she isn't out in one minute then he is going to add the nipple clamps again! She frantically tries to escape as quick as possible in order to avoid that! Although she does manage to get her hands free, the ropes encircling her chest and upper arms are way too tight for her to wiggle free from! She gives up, knowing that escaping in time is impossible, and submits to her punishment. He applies the clover clamps which relentlessly bite down on her already sore nipples as he finishes untying her arms. Then he pulls on the chain of her clamps, when she least expects it! She immediately reacts to the intense, painful sensation. Then he removes each clamp one at a time. Ouch! But soon relief as the pain fades away. She admires the deep rope marks on her arms, then stands so he can remove the crotch rope that is now deeply embedded in her pussy. Once removed, he orders her to hold her wet pussy rope in her mouth while he finishes untying her legs! They finish with an embrace then she happily scampers away. Unscripted bondage fun in real time!

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