0403 Secret Agent Stretched & Stripped Of Her Dignity

15:00 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Dixie Comet - 

The video begins with our heroine Chrissy, who is a covert agent, giving a brief mission statement to the camera about going undercover at a party to steal evidence and bring down some corrupt corporation. It then cuts to Secret Agent Chrissy entering an office and searching around for the evidence. She's wearing is all dressed up in a classy dress and jewelry in order to blend in, but the henchwoman (Dixie) soon comes in and catches her! “What do we have here?” she says. Agent Chrissy tries to make up an excuse that she just got lost, but the henchwoman tell her to cut the bullshit, she knows who she is! A brief fight ensues. Agent Chrissy appears to get upper hand and then tries to be gracious when henchwoman suddenly sucker punches, XXXXing her out.. “We'll have lots of fun...” says the henchwoman as she briefly examines the secret agent now lying XXXX on the floor.

We then cut to Agent Chrissy standing with her arms over head and tied off with rope, stretching her nice and tight! She's still dressed and not gagged. The henchwoman slaps her face to wake her up. Agent Chrissy comes to a little dazed but still confident. She struggles but soon realizes it’s futile. “Mmm, you take care of your body” the henchwoman says as she circles her. Agent Chrissy looks off to the side in disgust as henchwoman pulls her dress down, leaving her in just panties and heels. Agent Chrissy is also wearing black tape over her nipples. The henchwoman laughs. “Pasties? In case those big tits came tumbling out of that dress?” she says. “Or in case some lunatic tries to strip search me” the agent replies. She goes on “Now you can see I'm not wired. That should be enough!” Too bad for Chrissy the henchwoman plans to have a lot more fun with her new captive!

The henchwoman goes on to rip the tape off both nipples then gleefully play with Agent Chrissy’s breasts for a bit, cupping, squeezing and bouncing them around and pinching her nipples. It’s obvious the agent is not happy about this. In between deep breaths/clenched teeth she demands the henchwoman take her hands off her and let her go or else! But the henchwoman doesn’t feel threatened. “Let's see what else you're hiding” she says as she pulls down agent's panties to reveal a landing strip. “This is cute” she says as she tugs on her pubic hair. “Well your clothes may be gone, but your body still has a lot of bells and whistles doesn't it. You’re my bitch now (slaps her ass) and prisoners aren't permitted the dignity of body decorations. I think I'll take yours as trophies!” The henchwoman proceeds to take off the agent’s jewelry and even removes her belly button piercing!

“There's just one more thing I need off you” she says as she takes out an electric razor. Agent Chrissy can’t believe the henchwoman is really going to shave her, what a crazy bitch! The henchwoman shaves her pussy as agent tries to look away in shame “Bare as the day you were born.” She says once she is done. “How does it feel to be stripped of everything, you righteous cunt?” The agent just looks down in resignation “Aww. Here I'll give you something to wear” she says then fastens a slave collar around the agent's neck. “Perfect! Time for your photo op! Gonna show your naked body to your bosses and see if we can get something for you. Say cheese!” Agent Chrissy tries to look away as henchwoman sXXXXs a few photos. “Are you satisfied” she says, still annoyed but mostly pleading now. The henchwoman replies “Am I satisfied after stripping you, playing with your tits, shaving your cunt, collaring you and turning you into a nude model? Actually, no, I’m not!”

The henchwoman grabs a flogger. Agent takes deep breaths, nervous but composed. “Humiliating you isn't enough” She says as she runs it lightly over the agent's body. “You need to be beaten. I want to hear you whimper.” Henchwoman flogs her ass, tits, pussy as the agents lets out little whimpers , grunts, gasps, but still trying to take it with dignity and not give her captor the satisfaction she desires. When the henchwoman is finally finished flogging her she tells the agent that she’s think she will leave her hanging there overnight! “Hope it doesn’t get too cold!” she says as she leaves. We see Agent Chrissy struggling still bound AOH and thoroughly humiliated, hoping that someone will come to her rescue before the crazy henchwoman returns!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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