0402 The Wrong Day To Work From Home

12:47 video

Instead of going into the office Chrissy decided to work from home today. It seemed like a good decision at the time and she definitely enjoys getting to hang around in her sweat pants and ankle socks all day! Only problem is she about to get in the way of a robber who was counting on her being at work. Luckily he came prepared with some extra tools, just in case of a change of plans!

As she clicks away on her laptop, her cute socked feet kicking back and forth behind her, a white cloth suddenly drops down and covers her mouth. The intruder knots it behind her head several times tightly OTM gagging her! She tries to pull down the gag so she call for help but he quickly grabs her hands and binds them behind her back with rope! He then secures her ankles and thighs and she struggles and mmmpphss in protest. She is a fighter so he adds some more rope around her chest to make sure she won’t escape. He pulls up her crop top and squeezes her big boobs then pulls down her sweatpants and gives her a few hard spanks on! He tells her that after he robs the place he is going to come back and take her too! She is left tightly bound and gagged on the couch while he goes to search for her valuables. She desperately struggles and tries to escape the tight ropes. Chrissy really picked the wrong day to work from home! Will she manage to get free in time to call for help or will the intruder take her as part of his loot?!

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