0398 Star Witness Gone Missing

5:43 video

Chrissy Marie is a star witness in a very high profile criminal case and today is her big day in court. Fresh out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around, she unsuspectingly exits the bathroom and goes to check her phone only to be grabbed behind and handgagged by a man who broke into her hotel room! He has been hired to make sure that Chrissy won’t be making it any where near the court house today! He rips off her towel and gropes her naked body as she struggles and pleads with the man to let her go. He pushes her down on the bed and begins tying her wrists behind her back, telling her that he is there to make sure she doesn’t make it to court today and if she cooperates then she won’t get hurt! Once her wrists are secured behind her back he cleave gags her with a knotted bandana to keep her quiet! He finishes tying her up (off screen), adding rope to her ankles, thighs and even tying her elbows together to really make sure she won’t be able to escape! She is left struggling helplessly bound and gagged on the bed. She eventually works her way over toward the desk, just barely managing to reach her phone with her bare feet, but is ultimately unsuccessful at retrieving it! She desperately struggles, hopelessly trying to escape because she knows that if she doesn’t give her testimony that the guy will get away with all of his evil crimes, including this!

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