0394 Undercover Cop Captured Again!

17:30 video

*A sequel to video "0342 Undercover Cop Captured & Carried" - 

Undercover cop Chrissy is wearing tight shiny leggings with a matching top and high heels as she is on the phone with her partner discussing the fact that the thug who likes to tie women up with purple stockings is on the loose again. Last time they tried to catch this guy she was the undercover cop who ended up tied up by the thug. Chrissy tell her partner on the phone that she really wants to catch this guy, after he left her bound and gagged for hours last time she wants to make sure he won’t get away with it this time! Chrissy asks him to stay by the phone and hangs up. She sits and crosses her legs a few times while waiting. She hears a noise and gets up to check it out but doesn’t see anything amiss so she heads back to the couch, but before she gets there she is grabbed by a man wearing a bandana over his face and a hat. He says “remember me?” then starts tying her hands behind her back with a purple stocking!

Chrissy insists he will not get away with it this time, but of course he doesn’t agree! He lifts her up and XXXX carries her for a minutes as she struggles and kicks furiously trying to get him to put her down! He decides he will also have to tie up those violent legs of hers! He puts her on the couch and pulls out a purple stocking to tie her feet when she tries to kick him again, but it backfires and he just grabs her leg in one arm and the other leg in the other arm, holding your legs on each side of his body and laughing as she helplessly struggles to get lose. After enjoying her squirm against him for a minute he gets back to business tying her crossed ankles and above her knees with purple stockings. He tells her he's going to rob the place and if he hears a word from her he's going to come back and gag her!

While he's gone Chrissy struggles and tries to get to her phone. After a couple minutes she finally manages to retrieve it but just before she can tell her partner that the burglar is in the house he catches her on the phone. He moves the phone away and tightly cleave gags her with a purple stocking tied tight and high up on her head. He then says he's going go back to robbing the place and she better keep quiet while he's gone! Chrissy struggles desperately to escape and after a couple minutes she succeeds. She removes her gag and then tries to sneak out, but unfortunately she gets caught again! The thug grabs her and XXXX carries her back to the couch as she’s kicking and struggling. He ties her hands again and then has her call her partner and him she is ok and nobody is in the house as he holds the phone up to her mouth. After the call he cleave gags her with the same purple stocking again. He then ties her crossed ankles and above your knees and leaves her struggling while he finishes up the robbery!

After a couple minutes of struggling she can’t escape but attempts to stand up. However she finds out she can’t really hop any where with her crossed ankles ties so tight! So she struggle and tries to maintain her balance while standing up until the thug comes back in and teasingly pushes her back onto the couch. He tells her he got a great idea while he was robbing the place and realizes that the cops will give him a lot of money to get her back! “Your coming with me” he says as he picks her up in a XXXX carry and walks out with her struggling, kicking and mmmppphhing angrily about getting captured and tied up with purple stockings again!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission


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