0391 Schoolgirl Roped For Ransom

20:31 video

Chrissy has just arrived home from school, unaware of the man hiding behind the door and his sinister plans to capture and hold her for ransom! As she makes her way upstairs the man sneaks up and handgags her from behind, dragging her back downstairs as she fights him, kicking her knee socked legs and revealing her white cotton panties under her short plaid skirt. He then brings her into the garage where he has his car waiting, along with a bunch of rope to secure the squirming schoolgirl with! He puts her on her knees and sits in the car, pinning her arms together behind her back with his knees while he gags her with a red knotted bandana! Then he gets to work tying up her crossed wrists and ankles then puts her in the back seat and binds her into a strict hogtie! He leaves her there to struggle while he makes sure he doesn’t leave any evidence behind. A couple minutes later he returns and undoes her hogtie so that they can go for a little ride! As they drive away Chrissy desperately struggles and tries to get the attention of her neighbors, but her captor has dark tinted windows and no one can see the poor tied up schoolgirl frantically mmppphh-ing for help in the back seat!

They arrive at the location where he will hold her captive until he receives the ransom from her daddy. He carries her over his shoulder, still bound & gagged, and puts her back into a tight hogtie to make sure she won’t be going anywhere! Her captor decides she will need a much more efficient gag as well because he definitely plans to have some more fun with her! She if left struggling for a minute until he returns with a pair of big fuzzy socks from the last girl he ransomed! He stuffs them in her mouth filling it to the brim and seals them in with a wickedly tight cleave gag! He undoes her hogtie and instead adds more rope to her upper body as well as a strict elbow tie so that her daddy to see his little girl in real distress. He leaves her to struggle for a couple minutes and she quickly realizes she has no chance of escape! She works off her high heels revealing her cute socket feet in her cable knit knee socks, but it’s still impossible for her to try and hop away with her ankles crossed and tied torturously tight! Chrissy continues to struggle hopelessly until her captor returns yet again. You can see the fear in her eyes as he pulls out yet another piece of rope and uses it to crotch rope her, then connects the crotch rope to her ankles and uses the ends of the rope to tie her socked feet together as well! Next he unbuttons her blouse and pulls out her perky tits to show that he means business! Now that she is properly trussed up and in distress he takes some pictures of her to send her daddy. Her gag is swapped out for an over the mouth gag and she is left struggling while he goes to demand the ransom. You can see that her suffering is real and she sure hopes that her daddy will pay the ransom and rescue her before her captor ties and tortures her even more!

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