0388 Malicious Maintenance

18:36 video

Chrissy was surprised to receive a XXXX at the door so late at night. It’s the maintenance guy and he claims there is a major leak outside and that they think it is coming from her apartment. It seems urgent so she let him come in. She mentions she hasn’t seen him around before but he just tells her that he was recently hired and she doesn’t think twice of it. He takes a look in her sink and finds the ‘problem’. He points it out to her and she has a look for herself. As she is trying to see what he is talking about he pulls out a rag and clamps it over her face! She tries to fight him for as long as she quickly grows weaker until she falls XXXX into his arms! He lifts her up into a XXXX carry and takes her over to the living room, holding her there, swinging her rag doll like body around as he checks her out. He knows a good pay day is in store for him, but before he ships her off he plans to have some fun of his own!

He lays her down on the couch and examines her further. He checks her eyes and it’s clear that she will be out for some time. He strips her down to her pretty bra and panties and spends some time fondling her ass and tits and playing with her XXXX body! Eventually the time comes for him to secure her for shipment. He finds a roll of duct tape and uses it to bind her hands behind her back and legs together. Just as he finishes taping her up her gets a call. Turns out there is an unexpected delay in plans and he will have to leave her there for a while! He really doesn’t want her to wake up, so while she is still out he takes the rag and gives her a good long XXXX. Then, just in case she still wakes up before he returns, he gags her with a couple strips of duct tape, then leaves to take care of business!

Hours later he still hasn’t returned and Chrissy slowly starts to come to. When she realizes she is all taped up in her underwear she immediately starts to panic! It takes a while before she remembers what happened before she was put out, but when she does it makes her even more worried about her predicament! She desperately tries to break free from the tape but it’s way too tight! Her tapegagged cried for help come out as helplessly muffled mmmpphsss. She has no idea what that malicious maintenance man has in store for her but continues to hopelessly struggle to escape before she finds out!

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