0387 The Elevator Stalker

16:25 video

I’m waiting for the elevator on my way back up to my hotel room. I’m the only person waiting but just as the door is about to close a man suddenly appears and joins me. I recognize him from the lobby this morning and I’m still getting the same creepy vibes as well. I exit on my floor and begin walking to my room but can’t shake the feeling that I’m being followed. I look back and notice the man walking towards me quite determinedly. I too begin to walk faster as my heart starts to race. Luckily I have my room key ready, but my hands are shaking now as I try to rush to safety. Just as I manage to get the door unlocked he grabs me and pushes me into my room! I struggle hard to break free but he easily overpowers me and his hand is clamped tightly over my mouth so that I can’t scream for help. He threatens me to stay quiet or else he will have to hurt me! I have no idea what he means by that but I sure don’t want to find out! He removes his hand from my mouth and starts tying me up with rope as I try to quietly beg and plead with him to please stop! However he says nothing and shows no mercy as he binds my wrists behind my back and ankles crossed! He warns me that he told me to stay quiet! He then takes a pair of my panties and my eyes get wide as I wonder just what he plans to do with them. And soon I find out when he stuffs them in my mouth then wraps microfoam tape between my teeth and around my head to seal them in! My focus then shifts to the gagging and trying not to XXXX on the panties in my mouth, but the creep continues to tie me up as I struggle and mmmpphhh in distress. He bends me over the couch and leaves me there struggling helplessly bound and gagged, growing more distressed every minute. I thought it couldn’t get any worse than this, but a few minutes later he comes back to torture me some more! I end up elbow bound and hogtied with my tits out! A rope around my neck further limits my ability to struggle. Then he tells me he wish he could stay…and leaves me there! Fear and anguish start to overwhelm me as I’m left suffering in the strict bondage. My eyes begin to well up with tears as I realize I can’t possibly escape and no one will ever hear my cries for help with these panties stuffed in my mouth! How will anyone know that I am in here before it’s too late!

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