0379 Chrissy Captured & Chair Tied

14:41 video

He has been waiting for this day for some time, watching Chrissy on her way to work every day, her sexy nylon legs always on display in a short skirt and high heel pumps. After devising an elaborate plan he managed to capture and render her helpless. He carries her into his place, her XXXX body thrown over his shoulder as he strokes her sexy ass and legs. He flops her down on the couch and gives her a good look. Then he decides he should get her secured before she wakes up! He thinks a chair will do the job nicely and gets to work tying her up! Her ankles are bound together tightly with rope then more rope is added around her thighs securing her legs down to the chair. Her wrists are then tied crossed behind her back and more rope is added around her breasts. Before he finishes tying her chest she starts to slowly come to! When she realizes she has no idea where she is or what is going on she really starts to panic! She desperately pleads with the man to let her go, even offering him her purse and money, but that is not what he wants! She starts to angry as he gropes her boobs and explains to her how he captured her at the coffee shop. He then pulls out a pair of panties from the last girl he captured and forcibly stuffs them into her mouth until she gags on them! He then takes out a roll of duct tape and he eyes go wide as she realizes he is going to gag her with that too! He wraps it around her mouth and head several times as she angrily mmmppphhss in protest. That should keep her quiet until she decides to cooperate! He gropes and teases her a little more as she squirms helplessly roped to the chair then leaves her alone, struggling furiously to try and escape before he returns. She gives it her all but she is really stuck and all she can manage to do is work off her shoes! She tries to call for help, but no one can hear her distressed cries through her tightly packed and tapegagged mouth! All she can do is continue to struggle hopelessly, pondering just what this crazy man plans to do with her next!

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