0003 Stripped & Strapped for Tickling!

13:47 video

Chrissy lost a bet, and now she must pay! She was so sure she was so sure of herself this time, that she bet if she was wrong, she would let him tickle her, fully nude! Chrissy is insanely ticklish and hates being tickled with a passion. She also struggle rather violently when being tickle, so he plans to bind her legs together with leather belt straps to keep her from kicking too much, and stretch her arms out over head, to leave her super ticklish armpits exposed and vulnerable. Chrissy tries to get out of removing her clothes, saying that she wasn't really serious about that part! She would rather pay him off at this point, but he insists. She says he's lucky she always keeps her word! As she starts stripping out of her cute crop top, exposing that tempting ticklish belly. Once she is naked he straps her up, adding one above her tits to and one to accentuate the waist and restrict her as she laughs uncontrollably! You can see how nervous Chrissy is as she knows the torture is about to begin!

He sets a timer for ten minutes, and starts small, pulling out a feather and lightly tickling Chrissy with it for a minute or so. He quickly realizes he is wasting precious time, and starts tickling her armpits as she begs him not to! Then he moves to her soft ticklish bare soles and tortures them as she laughs and screams. He goes back to tickling her naked body on the sides and underarms, and then unstraps her thigh belt to tickle to her groin area, a surprisingly ticklish spot on Chrissy, as we learned in her first tickling clip ever The Most Ticklish Spot MP4. She begs and pleads for it to end, but he is relentless and won't stop until the timer sounds! Chrissy manages to struggle and thrash around quite a bit despite being restrained and bound to the couch. She is just too ticklish, when she is tickled she can't handle herself, it drives her crazy! She is so relieved once the timer goes off, but then he surprises her with another bout of violent tickling! Then he finally starts to unstrap her hands and Chrissy unstraps her legs as she tries to catch her breath from the constant laughing and tickle torture!


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