0638 Sexy Secretary Silenced

16:58 video

A thief has broken into the office of shipping company, looking for files on some extremely valuable cargo. He’s found what he was looking for…but also something he wasn’t expecting. Turns out the office secretary decided to work late... probably to make up for all those times he observed her leaving early! As he explains the situation to his partner, Chrissy struggles in her office chair, already tightly bound and cleave gagged. He hangs up he decides to finish what he started. He proceeds to wrap several more layers of rope around her upper body and legs, tying her tighter and tighter until she has absolutely no chance of escape! Then he stuffs her mouth with a huge wad of panties and tightly wraps tape around her mouth and head to silence the desperately defiant girl! She won't be talking anytime soon which will give them plenty of time to make their getaway once their heist is complete! He leaves the distressed secretary helplessly struggling with her elbows painfully pinned together behind her back and she eventually finds herself squirming hopelessly on the floor with her dress riding up and exposing her panties under her sheer pantyhose! The thief returns once the job is finished and just can't help himself and decides to take a little extra time to get a little bonus for himself! When finished with her he leaves her there for someone else to find! How embarrassing for the poor secretary... left struggling hopelessly scared and vulnerable.... and to top it off she will be there all night until the janitor finds her bound, gagged and nearly naked the next morning! Then her nightmare predicament will finally be over... unless he ends up deciding to keep her tied up all for himself! 

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