0635 Sexy Secretary Strapped & Wrapped Up Tight!

27:45 video

Chrissy Marie walks into her boss’s house dressed in a skin tight shiny PVC blouse and long skirt complete with fishnet stocking, high heels and plenty of cleavage! She is unsure why she’s been invited over…. Maybe that big promotion she wanted… or did he have a more personal reason? Either way, she wanted to be sure that she came dressed to impress. However her hopes are quickly dashed when the real reason for the meeting is revealed. Her boss informs her that she has been caught embezzling from the company and he knows everything. Not only does he plan to fire her but he is also going to report her to the police.  Chrissy begs him not to turn her in and that she will do anything in order to keep her job. Her desperate pleas don’t seem to be working on him… until she gets an idea and takes on a different approach. She smiles, takes off her glasses and lets her hair down then very seductively says “and I mean anything”.  Chrissy then gets up and struts around seductively as she shows off her outfit then slowly begins to unbutton her top. Then she bends over and spanks herself ‘you can even spank me if you want… for being such a bad girl…” The Boss can’t pass up the opportunity and will ensure she pays the price for the crime she’s committed… in one way or another!

Now Chrissy finds herself strictly bound in leather belts that are cinched tightly around her ankles, legs, arms and body. Chrissy struggles and squirms to get free… she really didn’t expect that he was going to tie her up! But the more she struggles the more she begins to enjoy her situation… “I had no idea you were so kinky… why don’t you make the straps a little tighter” she playfully suggests… and how could he resist! So she gets what she asked for and is bound even tighter with more leather straps, a collar around her neck and a big red ball gag strapped in her mouth! She struggles and rolls around on the floor but doesn’t have much hope of escaping being so helplessly bound and blindfolded! She doesn’t give up though and expends a lot of energy futilely struggling to get loose. Just how he expected… and before she knows Chrissy has been completely mummified and secured to the chair with many layers of saran wrap around her body from head to toe and also securing her to the chair! Chrissy attempts to struggle but can barely move in her plastic wrapped cocoon and has no more energy to fight. As she gives up on escaping she begins to really enjoy the sensation of being bound and gagged. She squirms, grinds and moans in her tight encasement as her arousal grows… but she will be XXXX to wait in helpless anticipation to see what he plans to do to her when he returns! 

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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