0629 Swimsuit Model Enslaved

26:40 video

Unfortunately for Chrissy Marie her modeling agency has been engaged in some shady business and unbeknownst to her has agreed to sell her off to pay off a debt. She showed up for what she though was a typical photoshoot only to be rudely taken captive. The scene begins as Chrissy is walked into her new owner’s living room naked, bound, gagged and led by a leash attached to her collar. Her owner explains the situation to her as he unties her then gives her instructions to put on her new uniform which will consist of only a black string bikini. After she puts it on he uses leather cuffs to bind her wrists and ankles then tightly straps leather belts around her body to restrain her even further. Finally he adds a blindfold and ear plugs and orders to not to move… not that she has much choice without the ability to see or hear. Chrissy struggles helplessly in the tight bondage, worried about what her new owner has in store for her as her training is about to begin…


In the next scene a month has passed and Chrissy has responded well to her training. We see her in the kitchen preparing a snack for her Master. She's wearing her uniform with her hair in a ponytail and shackles on her wrists and ankles. Her owner approaches and adds a penis panel gag to her ensemble. Although not exactly enthusiastic, Chrissy accepts the indignity as she knows the routine by now. She serves the food and then is instructed to stand in front of a video camera as her owner shows her off to prospective customers. Chrissy poses like the true professional model she is… showing off her sexy body from all angles. Her Master snaps his fingers and at his command she begins to dance sensually... and the fun is only beginning!


Later that evening Chrissy is kneeling at her master’s feet as he watches TV. She is bound with her wrists and elbows lashed together behind her back and a tight crotch rope firmly in place. Her master lifts her chin and tells her that she did quite well in her performance that night. In fact, it was so well received that one viewers offered him a lucrative business deal… he wants to supply models to train and sell... and they would split the profits. Chrissy is still a bit worried as she thinks she is about to be sold off. Her Master reassures her that due to her excellent performance she is not being sold... instead she is being rewarded! He tells her her job will be to help choose and train the new ‘prospects’. Chrissy is noticeably relieved and happy to have earned her new role. He proceeds to show her some photos and together they choose the next model to be captured and used. Then he orders her to dance (for his own enjoyment!) and Chrissy obeys, seductively moving her sexy body as they discuss the finer details of the new prospect’s training.

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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