0628 UltraGirl vs The Pusher

25:28 video

The Pusher is sneaking around an abandoned warehouse when suddenly Ultragirl lands in the warehouse and confronts the criminal with a heroic stance. "You're trespassing and fit the description of a thief that has been robbing these warehouses. I’m taking you in." The Pusher responds "Actually, you're going to rub your nipples while I escape." UltraGirl begins rubbing her nipples with both hands and says "That's preposterous. You think you can just get away with robbing these warehouses? I am here to bring you to ..." She then notices that she is rubbing her own nipples and says "What?! How are you doing that?" The Pusher laughs, pulls out a cucumber from his coat and tells her "Why don't you suck on this cucumber while I explain?" UltraGirl stops rubbing her nipples and with a horrified look, grabs the cucumber and starts sucking on it. She Mmmpphs in protest as she can't control herself from sucking on the cucumber sensually. He explains "Not only am I a thief ... I am a meta-human. I call myself 'The Pusher.' I can push someone to do things by just using my words. I can't control your thoughts, but I can control your body… and make it do all sorts of things." UltraGirl keeps listening in XXXX as she continues to suck on the cucumber. "This is actually easier than I thought it would be. You sure there isn't some small part of you that enjoys this?" he laughs. UltraGirl angrily protests with the cucumber still in her mouth. "Ok UltraGirl. I think you've enjoyed my cucumber enough." UltraGirl stops sucking on the cucumber and hands it to The Pusher. She stands heroically and defiantly. "You won't get away with this. I'll stop you!"The Pusher continues to mock her when suddenly UltraGirl reaches up and clamps her hand over The Pusher's mouth. The Pusher grabs UltraGirl's arm but she is too strong. "The way I figure it, if I don't let you speak, you're powerless to stop me." She says as struggles to break free from her grip. Ultragirl throws The Pusher to the ground and sits on his face before he can say another word. He struggles trying to get her off of him, but she is too strong. "This will teach you a lesson. After you're XXXX out, I'll be taking you in" she gleefully laughs as she gets her revenge on The Pusher. He continues to struggle until the lack of air XXXX him out. She stands up heroically over him and says "It's about time I had an easy one."

UltraGirl proceeds to turn her back and pull out her cell phone to call the police captain. "Hello Captain? Yes, it's me UltraGirl. I found out who was responsible for those warehouse robberies. Mmmhmm. I've captured him and he's ready for pick up." The Pusher begins to stir as she is on the phone with her back turn. “He almost got the best of me, but I was able to subdue him. What will I do while I'm waiting for you? I can probably get him tied up and gagged before you get here" she says just as The Pusher comes up behind her and tells her "But you're going to pleasure yourself with your hand first.” UltraGirl mindlessly repeats this out loud to the Captain on the phone. Then, when she realizes what she said, she gasps and turns to see The Pusher behind her. UltraGirl then starts rubbing herself between the legs and tells The Captain. "Umm ... I've got to go Captain. Please hurry and come before I do… I mean ... get here as soon as you can." UltraGirl hangs up and looks at The Pusher in XXXX as she can't stop her hand from rubbing her pussy. "How did you ... mmm ... how ... uh…" She stammers as she pleasures herself. UltraGirl vows that she will stop him and put an end to this! But the Pusher just laughs then ‘talks’ her into massaging her breasts again with her other hand. Her face expresses both disgust and pleasure at the same time. She's angry, but also enjoying this. She tries to reach out with one of her hands to cover Pusher's mouth, but it quickly sXXXXs back to what it was doing. After a short while The Pusher removes her red shorts, balls them and stuffs them in her mouth to quiet her moans. Then he orders her to continue pleasuring herself as he explains “I'm not like other villains that just want to take your belt and make you powerless. I think it's more exciting this way, you have all of your powers but you're powerless to stop me. I have to look around and get what I came here for. You can just lie on the ground and finish while I go look." UltraGirl can’t help but obey. The Pusher takes one last look at UltraGirl and says: "Oh… and you can go ahead and take a XXXX after you cum." He walks off and Ultragirl continues to pleasure herself as instructed, moaning and writhing in defiant ecstasy until she finishes then falls aXXXX.

UltraGirl is now sitting in a chair. Her boots have been removed but her power belt remains and her red shorts are back on. A close up of her feet shows that her toes are tied together with something kind of wire. Her two index fingers are tied with the same wire. The Pusher walks up and slaps UltraGirl to wake her up. "Welcome back UltraGirl. I hope you like how I've only tied you up with simple wire." She notices her predicament and says "I don't get it. I can sXXXX out of these easily and bring you to justice” to which he responds "I wouldn't do that if I were you, UltraGirl”. He shows her his phone and explains "See, when I robbed all of those warehouses, I placed bombs in each one and their detonators are tied wirelessly to those wires on your toes and fingers. If you break the circuit by breaking those wires, the bombs will go off all at the same time." UltraGirl looks at him in XXXX as he continues… "Like I said, I'm not like other villains. I rather like the thought of you sitting there with your fancy power belt and all of your powers held in check by just two small wires." UltraGirl angrily promises that he will regret all of this once she finds a way out and brings him to justice! The Pusher just laughs. "You're not going anywhere any time soon… and since you called the police captain to come pick me up, I might as well give him a reward for finding you." The Pusher pulls down her leotard to reveal her breasts as UltraGirl protests and glares with disgust. "I'll make you pay for this" she vows again. The Pusher remains cocky and isn’t fazed by her threats. He continues on with his plan… "Okay UltraGirl, give me a kiss and then open your mouth so I can put this in”. Under the influence of The Pusher's powers UltraGirl kisses The Pusher and then opens her mouth to accept the thick cloth he cleave gags her with. Before leaving he tucks a piece of paper between UltraGirl’s thighs. "When the police captain arrives, you can give him that so he can find those bombs, He won't be able to untie you of course. You'll just have to sit there until they're all deactivated. Until we meet again UltraGirl!" She is left there only able to struggle slightly as she doesn't want to risk setting off the bombs. When the police captain finally arrives she frantically explains the situation and that he cannot untie her until he deactivates the bombs. He takes the note with the location information and promises that they will be back to free her soon. UltraGirl has no other choice but to sit there feeling helpless and dejected with her power belt still on but unable to utilize any of her powers!

The next day UltraGirl is walking around her apartment with her costume on but with a short skirt and unbuttoned blouse over it as she prepares to go to work in her secret identity. She sits on her couch and crosses her legs on her coffee table while she reads the news headlines on her phone. She says to herself "Thankfully we were able to deactivate all of those bombs but too bad The Pusher got away.” Just then her phone rings. The voice on the other side asks "Is this UltraGirl?" Ultragirl confirms and asks who it is. "Just an old friend" he says. She suddenly realizes that it’s The Pusher! "How did you ...?" she begins to ask when he explains "Once I had you distracted it was easy to get your phone number”. "When I get my hands on you ..." she begins to say when he uses his powers to get her to share her location on her phone instead. After she does he tell her "You're going to get your hands on you until I get there. Just give yourself a little hug and keep your legs closed until I get there." UltraGirl can’t help but obey his commands. She hangs up the phone hugs herself tightly as if she were mummified. She struggles to get herself free and eventually ends up rolling around on the floor desperately trying to break the spell that Pusher placed on her, to no avail. Later The Pusher arrives (POV) to find UltraGirl still struggling helplessly on the floor. He approaches her as her eyes widen and she worriedly pleads for him to spare her from whatever he has in store for her! But the next thing she knows she is strictly bound with rope with her elbows pinned together behind her back and her legs tightly frogtied. UltraGirl struggles but can’t break free even with her power belt still on. She asks The Pusher "How are you doing this?" The Pusher gloats "Like I said, I can't control your thoughts but your body is mine. All I did was tell you that you can't break free ... and so you won't." UltraGirl continues to struggles furiously as The Pusher takes some pictures with his phone. "I'm sure the press or the police would love to know who UltraGirl really is. "UltraGirl just glares defiantly. "You just wait until I get free… you'll pay for this!" The Pusher just proceeds to ring gag UltraGirl then leaves Ultragirl struggling helplessly bound and hopelessly trapped under his spell!

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