0626 Chrissy's Caged Imprisonment

9:25 video

Chrissy has been arrested and locked up in a women's prison that has some rather unconventional policies and procedures. One of these is that all of the inmates are required to wear skimpy uniforms that leave their breasts exposed for everyone to see. Not only does this lower the risk of them hiding contraband but the humiliation has been proven to assist in the correctional process. In addition, ballgags are used on new prisoners to keep them quiet until they come to terms with their confinement and learn to be more cooperative. Chrissy helplessly struggles as the hard steel cuffs that have her arms stretched overhead and ankles bound to opposite sides of her padlocked cell painfully dig into her flesh. A heavy metal chain wrapped tightly around her waist further restricts her movement. Streams of drool begin to uncontrollably spill from her gagged mouth as she mmmpphs and whimpers hopelessly in her truly inescapable predicament... and her sentence has only just begun!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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