0613 Wonder Woman: The Showoff

39:25 video

Chrissy Marie is an agent for a top secret intelligence organization working on her computer when she receives an email about a burglary in progress. She quickly recognizes the location, which happens to the former hideout of Dr. X, an evil mad scientist who she recently put away. At that moment, she stands up and transforms into her alter identity Wonder Woman. Ready for action in her sexy superheroine bikini ensemble she comments to herself out loud “If I’m not mistaken, this is where Dr. X used to run his slave trafficking operation for all those years. I still can’t believe he was able to capture my good friend Batgirl. Then he had the audacity to sell her on the black market. Thank goodness I was able to track down the slavers in time so I could rescue Batgirl before it was too late. She never did tell me what those awful villains did to her when she was being held captive…” This is followed by a flashback to Batgirl struggling against the two villains as Wonder Woman daydreams. “I have to admit, being a superheroine certainly takes a toll on one’s sex life… In fact, it’s been so long since anyone made love to me, I can’t even remember the last time I felt a man’s cock.” She begins to moan as she gropes her breasts and pussy. “At this point, I have so much built up sexual tension, I almost want to let myself get captured just so I can feel what it’s like to be tied up and taken advantage of.” Before her daydreaming goes any further, she shakes her head to snap out of it. “What am I saying, nobody takes advantage of Wonder Woman! Maybe one of these days I will let Superman fuck me… but that will have to wait for another time because right now duty calls…” She checks to confirm the address then stands up and adjusts her costume. “It’s a good thing I have this magic belt because according to Batgirl, Dr. X developed a new formula of that infamous sleepy drug that is supposed to be extra potent. I don’t know what these burglars are looking for… but it would be dangerous if they were to get their hands on any of that stuff!” (Wonder Woman’s belt is the source of her power giving her extraordinary strength and the ability to resist the effects of the sleepy drug. However, these powers are only temporary. She can still be weakened after prolonged exposure to the drug)

The video resumes with two burglars at Dr. X’s secret lab discussing how they were hired to break in and steal his special formula by a billionaire with a sleepy/bondage fetish who needs to tame a feisty young coed he is training to be his sex slave. They already found what they came for (a batch of Dr. X’s old recipe) but while they are searching for other valuables they notice a surveillance camera that shows Wonder Woman arriving on the scene. “Is that Wonder Woman?! How did she find us? We’re in big trouble if we don’t find a way out of here fast!” The villains assess their options to escape and come up with an idea. “I don’t know if this stuff really works, but we don’t have much of a choice. I say we leave a note to distract her and when she least expects it we ambush her. We can double team to keep her restrained and force her to breath enough of this stuff until she’s knocked out”. They both agree, write the note, then scatter to a find place to hide. As expected, Wonder Woman comes inside to investigate. Upon entering what looks like a bdsm dungeon she talks to herself out loud “Hmm this seems like a strange place to steal from… I wonder what these thieves are planning to do with all of this bondage gear... I bet they would love to have me bound and gagged. Hmpf, not in their wildest dreams!” She searches around for any sign of the burglars, but instead finds only bondage gear and sex toys. She realizes that she should be extra careful considering where she is right now… and no one knows that she is there. She finds a phone and attempts to call for backup. “Hellooo?? Damn! There must be something blocking the signal. Looks like I’m on my own…” Then Wonder Woman finds a mysterious note on the floor. “This is odd… it looks like a drawing of me tied up. These kinky burglars are even bigger freaks than I thought! Too bad I would never let them do that to me!” She turns the note over and discovers a message on the other side. With her attention focused on the note, Wonder Woman doesn't notice there are two villains approaching from the other side of the room, or that one of them is soaking a large cloth the size of a hand towel with Dr. X’s special formula. She stands with a puzzled look on her face… ”What does that mean… I don’t smell MMPPHHH!!!” Just as she finishes reading the note both villains pounce on her from behind. She gives off a loud muffled scream into the towel which causes her to inhale a deep breath. Before she has a chance to react one grabs the upper half of her body, covering her mouth and nose with the towel, while the other grabs her lower body, wrapping both arms tightly around her legs to pin them together. After a few seconds, the burglars are amazed their initial efforts barely have any effect on her at all. Wonder Woman is caught off guard by the surprise attack but she calmly holds her ground. She reaches up to grab the hand holding the rag and pulls his arm completely away from her face, using her enhanced strength. “Ohhh pleeeeze, You've got to be kidding MMBBMMLLPPHH!!!” Villain #1 cuts her off by shoving the towel back down over her mouth and nose, this time holding it tighter. After taking in another forced breath Wonder Woman swivels her hips slightly and squirms a bit harder in their arms, finding the experience more fun than anything since she is confident in her powers. He manages to keep the towel in place off and on for another few minutes but Wonder Woman manages to pull his arm away several times to protest. The last time she pulls his hand away she sarcastically says ”OK, I’ll tell you what... To prove that has no effect on me, I’m going to take a deeeeep breath and hold it in... Are you ready??? The burglars look confused and worried by this statement, tightening their grips and bracing themselves for what she will do next. However, as soon as Wonder Woman inhales another lungful of fumes her attitude abruptly changes. This is when she realizes there is something different about the drug they are using and her eyes light up in shock. Even with her superpowers, she feels a sudden wave of dizziness. This is when the real fight begins because Wonder Woman starts to take the situation seriously. She immediately squirms around significantly harder in their arms, using more of her strength to fight against the burglars. The burglars hold on tight as Wonder Woman becomes increasingly frustrated. 

Wonder Woman is asked what she thinks about Dr. X’s secret formula. Can she tell it’s stronger than normal? They decide they should teach her a lesson and what better way than testing out some of this bondage equipment! They can have fun with her bound and gagged but first they must knock her out and make her helpless! “MMMMPPHH!!!” the heroine screams in defiance after hearing their intentions. Feeling a greater sense of urgency Wonder Woman decides to use the full extent of her strength to get them off. In one swift motion, she contracts her body inward, and then explodes to send Villain #2 flying across the room. With her lower body free, she summons enough power to break her upper arms from Villain #1 grasp and toss him in the opposite direction. Up to this point, Wonder Woman hasn’t really been weakened by the drug and she fully intends on arresting the burglars. She remains confident in her abilities, attempting to shake the woozy feeling in her head, and readying herself for their next attack. She stands proudly with hands on her hips and challenges them to try again. “This is so cliché boys. I’m not getting sleepy, but it’s fun playing with you losers, so let’s keep going with these kinky games.” The burglars look at each other in disbelief. Half confused and definitely worried if the rumors might be true. What if they can’t make her helpless?! Villain #2 attempts to tackle her but she dodges his attempt and tosses him away with a laugh. “Aw, I hope you didn’t hurt yourself honey… Is that the best you have? I don’t know why you guys think you can beat me. It’s hilarious, really... It might be funnier if I wasn’t by myself, at this remote location and outnumbered two against one, but who’s counting... HA HA HHMMPHHH!!!” Before she finishes, her sarcastic laughter is muffled by another rag coming down over her grinning face forcing her to inhale another deep breath of fumes. This time Villain #1 wraps the towel all the way around to the back of her head gripping onto each side tightly with both hands. This tactic catches Wonder Woman off guard but she still isn’t overly concerned about being knocked out and once again her struggling intensifies. She puts up a valiant fight, grabbing the rag and clawing at his hands, to no avail. Wonder Woman is growing more and more frantic for oxygen with each passing second. Running out of time and options, she stomps one of her heels down on his foot, which briefly forces him to release his grip. The heroine wastes no time pushing him off then instantly makes a break for the exit, stumbling and gasping for air, however she doesn’t get too far before Villain # 1 grabs her and pulls her back into his clutches. He uses one hand to clamp the towel down over her face and the other around her waist as he drags her back while she kicks and fights him every step of the way. Then he wisely uses his size to take control by leaning back to lift her off the ground. This maneuver causes Wonder Woman to scream wildly into the towel with her legs kicking and flailing through the air. The heroine is still being very defiant so eventually he switches to restrain her with an arm lock using one hand to hold the rag and the other to pin her arms behind her back to subdue her further. After a while, the odds of her getting free go from bad to worse when the villain calls for his partner to come help by grabbing her legs. Wonder Woman doesn’t have a lot of options but she repeatedly tries to kick him as he carefully approaches making sure to avoid her kicking attempts and at the right moment catches both of her legs and lifts the heroine completely off her feet. At this moment, Wonder Woman really panics because she is fully restrained at each end being held helplessly in the air at the mercy of these two villains. Refusing to be defeated, her entire body is gyrating as she tries to wiggle and squirm out of their arms, gasping and moaning in despair. Despite her struggling efforts, the burglars are relentless with their attempts to put her out. After a couple minutes they decide to lower her to the floor where the violent assault continues. Villain #2 keeps her legs contained as she struggles but also takes full advantage because it allows him to feel up her legs. He comments how her skin is silky smooth and confesses to having a fetish for bare legs. This infuriates Wonder Woman but there is nothing she can do to stop him.

The struggle continues for a while until the burglars notice she is slowing her down and they become less focused on restraining her and more focused on groping her body. It doesn’t take long before Wonder Woman seizes the opportunity from their lapse in judgment. She manages to free her legs by a swift kick with both feet to Villain #2’s chest, sending him flying back. Then she gives Villain #1 multiple elbow shots to the mid-section until finally he releases his grip. She attempts to gather her strength and make a break for the exit but unfortunately she again gets tackled from behind. Wonder Woman tries to crawl away on her hands and knees as Villain #2 follows her, spanking her ass and mocking her for being so weak. Then without warning she rolls onto her back and predictably tries to kick him with both feet but the burglar was ready for this type of attack. He is able to block her kicks, pin her legs together and hold them in the air as he drags her across the room. Wonder Woman squirms and twists her body to stop him from dragging her back into the dungeon but soon Villain #1 joins back in. The three of them end up wrestling on the floor with the burglars continually pinning her down as she scrambles to get away. Every once in a while a rag is shoved in her face and she inhales another deep breath of the fumes. Soon they gain the upper hand by forcing Wonder Woman on her back with her arms pinned over head. She keeps trying to resist, insisting they won't get away with this, but the burglars just laugh at her threats. Next they flip her over to her stomach and Villain #1 uses his weight to pin her down as he pulls her arms behind her back to restrain them. From here, he taunts her by covering her mouth with his free hand and asking her how she feels about being captured, briefly taking his hand off, only to handgag her again before she can respond. Wonder Woman grunts and mumbles in fury each time. After a minute or two Villain #1 notices her resistance is getting stronger. Luckily he is already prepared with another heavily soaked towel nearby. At first, he gives her a few light whiffs then he clamps his hand firmly over her mouth and nose. Wonder Woman is desperate and frantically trying to throw him off her back by thrusting her body up and down. Villain #2 is happy to assist by laying across her lower body and wrapping himself around her legs to pin them down. The special formula goes to work taming her fiery spirit once and for all. However Villain #1 is having too much fun and teases her again by removing the rag, letting her gasp and cry for air then reapplying it. He also uses this time to interrogate her, trying to find out the source of her powers and if she has any other weaknesses. By this point, Wonder Woman is exhausted, her strength is badly weakened. Her movements start to get slower and her eyes begin to flutter. He finishes her off using both hands to hold the rag over her face. In the end Wonder Woman gives off an exhausted cry before her eyes roll back and she finally gives in as her body succumbs to the sleepy drug.

Wonder Woman has now been heavily bound in rope and for added measure chains have been secured on top of the ropes, held together by a padlock. Her mouth is also effectively stuffed and gagged with several strips of microfoam tape. The two burglars taunt and torment her as they grope every inch of her body. The whole time Wonder Woman is furiously struggling to escape from her bonds. Eventually they decide to tie her up tighter to make sure she can’t get away. They add a crotch rope between her legs and pull her into a strict hogtie. By now Wonder Woman is very anxious, whining and mumbling in frustration from under the gag. To further muffle her protests, the villains wrap multiple layers of vet wrap on top of the existing gag all the way around her head and covering the lower half of her face. When finished, Villain #1 tests his handy work by spanking her hard on the ass and pulling on the crotch rope. Then both of them go back to playing with her for a little while longer. Wonder Woman tries to summon whatever energy she has left to break free, fighting hysterically against the restraints, but it’s no use, because her strength hasn’t fully recovered from before and she is helplessly bound and gagged. The burglars are still trying to break her down enough to learn the source of her powers but she won’t give in. They decide it’s time for even harsher punishment. Villain #1 approaches with a rag and yanks her head up by the hair. He asks if she will enjoy being tied up and forced to orgasm over and over again… because that is how she is going to spend the next few hours. Wonder Woman tries to scream through her gag as he hold the rag over her gagged mouth and nose and puts her out yet again.

Now Wonder Woman is strapped down to a table with several layers of ropes, leather belts and chains pinning her down. There is another rope coiled around her neck which is also attached to the table, further restricting her movement. Wonder Woman can barely struggle with the restraints are totally restricting her body. To make her even more helpless she is blindfolded and has a panel ball gag shoved in her mouth. The burglars continue to interrogate her with questions about where her powers come from. Then they proceed to punish her as promised… with a combination of a dildo on a stick along with a vibrator. Villain #1 takes the dildo, moves her bikini bottoms aside and slowly inserts it all the way inside her pussy. At the same time, Villain #2 uses the vibrator on high power making sure to hold it down on all the right places. Both of them grope her heavily throughout the scene and the stimulation rapidly drives Wonder Woman into a frenzy until she explodes with her first huge climax… but the villains aren’t satisfied yet. They keep the sex toys going full force until they push her over the edge to another orgasm. After they’ve had their fun the burglars decide it’s time for them to leave before they get caught. They tell her that they are going to leave her tied up for the police to find as her final punishment. They attach the vibrator and leave the dildo inside her pussy then exit the room leaving Wonder Woman all alone to cum over and over and over. Who knows how long it will take before someone to find her…or will she somehow manage to escape from this torment on her own???

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