0609 Ashley Shows Chrissy The Ropes

15:31 video

Starring Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie - 

Chrissy is hanging out on the couch at her place with her friend Ashley when she mentions her feet are getting cold so she’s going to go grab a pair of socks. Ashley says her feet are cold too and asks to borrow a pair. As Chrissy goes off to get the socks Ashley also asks if she can use her laptop and Chrissy tells her to go ahead. While Chrissy is away Ashley clicks on a folder that was minimized and finds a bunch of bondage pictures. She's surprised to when Chrissy returns she says "Wow, I didn't know that you and your boyfriend were so kinky…" Chrissy is confused by the comment. "What are you talking about?" she asks. Turns out the laptop belongs to Chrissy’s boyfriend and he accidentally left it behind. Ashley shows Chrissy what she found and Chrissy is shocked. ”I've been seeing this guy for over a month and he's never mentioned his bondage to me? Why would he hide something like that from me?" Ashley tells Chrissy to relax and explains that he is probably just too shy or embarrassed to bring it up. Then she asks Chrissy is she’s ever tried it before. "No, have you?" she responds. Ashley tells her she has and goes on to explain it was a lot of fun and she really enjoyed letting go of the control and the feeling of being vulnerable. Ashley offers to tie Chrissy up so she can experience it for herself. Chrissy agrees with some hesitation in her voice… still not sure what this whole bondage fetish is about. Ashley asks if there is any rope around and Chrissy says there is a bunch in the garage so she goes to find it then leads Chrissy to the bedroom where they will be more comfortable.

Chrissy is now sitting on the bed with her hands tied behind her back and her legs bound together at the ankles. Her yoga pants have been stripped off exposing her cute panties. Ashley is behind her on the bed and asks "Does that feel okay?" Chrissy tests the ropes and says "It feels snug and I'm definitely not getting out of it, but it feels okay so far." Ashley is kneeling closely behind Chrissy and starts caressing her bound arms and shoulders. Chrissy reacts to favorably as Ashley plays with Chrissy's hair and gives her light kisses on her neck. As she kisses Chrissy's neck she runs her hands over Chrissy's breasts and gently squeezes them. Both girls start getting aroused and Chrissy asks in a soft voice "What are we doing? I have a boyfriend." Ashley puts her hand on Chrissy’s cheek and gently pulls her in for a kiss. After the kiss, they smile at each other and Ashley says “See, I told you it was fun." Ashley then moves around to the front of Chrissy and starts gently caressing Chrissy's legs all the way down to Chrissy's sock covered feet and feels them up before lightly tickling the bottom of them. Chrissy laughs softly from the tickling. Ashley proceeds to gag Chrissy with a white cloth pulled tightly between her teeth then goes back to playing with her bound and gagged captive. Soon the boyfriend (off camera) enters the room and says "What's going on here?". Chrissy and Ashley are surprised to see him. Ashley explains "We saw all the bondage stuff on your laptop and thought it might be fun to try". He replies in a surprisingly gentle tone "Yeah I was just stopping in to grab that and it definitely looks like you two are having fun… but I think it would be more fun if you were tied up too Ashley." Ashley and Chrissy's worries turn back to fun and excitement. Ashley bites her lip and slowly strips her yoga pants off then turns around and puts her hands behind her. She can’t help but agree that it would be way more fun it they were both tied up together!

Now Ashley and Chrissy are both rope bound and cleave gagged on the bed. They playful roll around, grind on each other, caress each other with their bound hands, rub their legs and feet together and try to kiss through the gags, softly moaning and giggling as they do. Eventually they manage to pull the gags out of their mouths and passionately kiss each other. They comment on how hot and sexy it is to be tied up together. After a few moments, the boyfriend hears them and comes back into the room. "It looks like you two are misbehaving… and I have just the thing for you horny little troublemakers." He says in a lighthearted tone. The girls respond "Oh really?" and just go back to enjoying each other. Before they know it they are both tied up even more with their elbows cinched and tight crotch rope pulled tightly up between their legs. Their cleave gags now replaced with tight red ball gags. The girls continue to roll around and grind on each other, softly moaning with pleasure until eventually the grinding on the crotch ropes leads them both to climax. At the end Chrissy’s boyfriend comes and asks if they are ready to be untied and both girls shake their heads no. "Okay… you two enjoy yourselves and I'll check on you in a while" he says as he leaves. Ashley and Chrissy continue to cuddle and kiss as they enjoy their helplessly bound and gagged predicament!

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