0539 Sexy Spy Stretched & Interrogated

21:15 video

Chrissy sneaks into an office and slides a USB port into a computer, unaware of the guard following her. He sneaks up behind her and places a cloth over mouth and nose. She struggles but can’t escape his grasp. Slowly the sleepy chemicals take effect. Once he feels her body go limp he drags her off.

Chrissy is then bound with her back bent over a bench, arms overhead, wrists and ankles secured together with leather cuffs and rope stretching her so tight her feet and hands are not touching ground. She slowly wakes to find herself stretched so tight she can barely move or struggle.  Her tormentor begins to interrogate her about what information she has stolen as he runs a sharp object down her neck, chest and stomach down to the top of her panties.  She refuses to answer.  He brings out electric taser and shocks her on her chest, abs and pussy a few times. He tells her to talk but she won't so he shocks her again, and again... until the scene fades out.  

Chrissy is now asleep and blindfolded. Her tormentor throws bucket of water on her shocking her awake.  Then he cuts off her tube top and places electric clamps on her nipples. He tells Chrissy that it can end whenever she wants if she tells him what she was looking for.  She still refuses.  He then takes an ice cube and begins running it slowly down her neck, between breasts, down her abs and to her panties. He pushes the ice cube under her thong and leaves it there.  He then takes another ice cube and puts it in her belly button. He tells her that if it falls out he will shock her.  After a short time the interrogator gets bored and starts to shock her nipples anyway even though she kept the ice in her belly button.  She is stretched so tight she can barely struggle and can do nothing but moan and try to breath through the pain.  Her tormentor starts to have so much fun he shocks her so hard that he knocks her out again.  He then cuts away her thong and runs the ice cube up and down her naked body focusing on the stomach, ribs and belly button as she lay there unaware. 

Next Chrissy is bound spread eagle over the bench, arms and legs are pulled so tight that her hands and feet are not touching ground.  The blindfold still in place. She is still out from previous interrogation scene.  Her tormentor walks in with a vibrator and starts on her nipples which causes her to slowly wake up.  He says if pain will not make her talk maybe sexual torture will. Then he slowly runs the vibrator down her body to her pussy and leaves it there until she cums.  She moans but tries not to too loud since she doesn’t want to give her tormentor the pleasure of her suffering.  After her orgasm he continues to tease her with the vibrator, putting it on her sensitive clit and removing it. He does this a few times until the scene fades out. When we fade back in Chrissy is still spread eagle and so exhausted from a few days of interrogation that she cannot even struggle.  She is now completely covered in sweat. He tells her again that it can end whenever she wants it to.  He removes her blindfold, and places a bar under her head forcing her to look at her stretched body.  He says if she will not talk then she will watch herself suffer.  He places the electric clamps back on her nipples just as a tease.  He then takes another ice cube and places it in her belly button, telling her she knows what will happen if it falls out.  Instead of shocking her, he begins to vibe her again.  She can barely struggle, but is forced to cum again.  After she cums, he continues to vibe her.  It’s not long before she cannot take anymore and her body goes limp, after which he continues to vibe her for his own amusement until the scene ends. 

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