0532 Danger In Socks

19:46 video

Chrissy has a sock fetish and loves showing off her socked feet. Today she is looking around for some fun exciting danger. Being in danger while wearing cute socks excites her. The thought of being helpless, vulnerable, scared, alone, with no one to save her really turns her on. Her personality of being the naive girl next door always ends up leading her to danger. She is new in town and has heard a story of an abandoned place that’s condemned. It’s caught her interest because she heard about pretty girls in cute socks who went there and are never seen again. She’s heard ghost stories but doesn’t believe they are true. She thinks they are all rumors. Her naivety gets the best of her and she thinks that she can go explore and make it out ok. 

Chrissy is sneaking around the outside of the abandoned place, talking about her cute socked feet and being in danger. “With the way I look today anyone would want to capture me in my cute socks! With my luck to I’ll never be seen again!” she giggles. To her amazement the house looks rather normal. Nothing odd or out of place. As the new girl in town she didn’t know what to expect but certainly not this. “This doesn’t look like anything I was thinking... I was hoping for something scary and creepy and really dangerous for me in my cute socks… well I’m here so may as well explore it and see what could happen to me in my cute socks!” As she walk inside she doesn’t realize when the door magically locks and traps her inside. She walks and looks around, exploring and talking about the place and about her cute socks. “Wow this place looks like someone lives here and is kept nicely… definitely doesn’t look abandoned... well with my cute socks I’m doomed to be trapped and never seen if those stories are true.. No one even knows where I am so if something goes wrong I’m in real trouble!”

Chrissy enters the bedroom and to her surprise finds a bunch of bondage stuff. Rope, tape, handcuffs, zip ties, extra pair of socks, vibrator… as if someone knew her personally. “What!!!?? How is all this stuff here! This is stuff I use for myself when I want a little self bondage.. well I guess I can take a break from exploring and have a little me time... I’ll get myself off and struggle in my socks then get free and go back to exploring. Then she realizes there is no key for the cuffs, but she ignores the thought because she will use them anyways, she is too excited about the danger she could possibly be in. She crawls onto the bed and puts on a cute little show being a tease with her socked feet. She talks about how turned on she is in her cute socks and playfully adds that maybe she wants the danger to be real. Then she grabs some rope and holds it next to her sexy socked feet. “Well... I can’t help it I need my socked feet really helpless and tightly bound! After she ties her ankles she uses a zip tie to make it really impossible to escape. Then she adds some rope above her knees. “You know normally I do this with some safety. There isn’t anything to cut the ropes and with the zip ties it’s like I’m seriously trapping myself...  HEY ghost or whoever I’m helpless and wearing a really cute pair of socks, I’m all alone come and get me!” not realizing strange things are happening and how trapped she truly is now. 

Then she grabs the extra pair of socks and smells them. “Once I gag myself and tape my mouth no one will hear me scream or anything... but also if I cuff my hands how will I get them undone? I guess I’ll worry about that later. I’m just really excited and turned on in my cute socks… I so need to be a damsel in distress! Here goes nothing!” She gags herself with the socks and strips of duct tape over her mouth. Then she handcuffs her hands and manages to zip tie her wrists too so she is utterly helpless and has no way to escape. She grabs the vibrator and starts to use it on herself. Then weird things start to happen. She feels something on tugging and touching her socked feet. The bonds get tighter for some odd reason. She struggles and wiggles and gag talks about how she doesn’t understand what’s going on. All the while she is still using the vibrator that was there to get herself off. She shows mixed emotions of fear and helplessness as well as pleasure and excitement. After she cums she starts to try and figure a way to get free and escape and just then the left over rope on the bed is mysteriously wrapped tightly around her neck. Her cute socked feet start wiggling and writhing from the lack of air. The neck rope seems to keep getting tighter and tighter as she struggles. She starts crying and calling for help through her gag. We are left wondering if her fetish for socks and danger lead to her ultimate demise.

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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