0244 Roped Up Realtor Revenge

25:41 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Misty Lovelace -

Chrissy is a realtor showing a condo to a couple. The woman (Misty) first asks is anyone is living in the place now and Chrissy tells her there isn't and the previous tenants just left all the furniture. As she starts telling the couple about the features of the condo, the man sneaks up behind and grabs her, hand gagging her tightly and telling her she better not scream if she doesn't want to get hurt! She asks what is going on and they explain they are going to rob her. The man shoves Chrissy down on the couch and Misty orders her to take off her shoes and stockings. Chrissy is hesitant and questions why they would ask her to do such a thing, but they again threaten her into submission. She is then given a pair of white cable knit knee socks to put on and ordered to stand up with her hands behind her back. Reluctant, Chrissy tries to question why again, and they break it to her that they're going to tie her up! She starts to beg them to please not tie her up, but Misty just ignores her and hands her partner some rope and he gets to work binding her wrists behind her back. Chrissy calls her a bitch and Misty slaps her across the face in return and then suggests that they should gag the bitch! When he asks her what they should gag her with, Misty says she thinks they should use her panties, but first she needs to make them wet!

Misty lifts her skirt and starts rubbing herself over her panties. Once they're nice and wet she holds them up to Chrissy's mouth. Of course she refuses to open her mouth so the man pulls her hair and yanks her head back to get her to open up and then Misty shoves the panties deep into her mouth until she starts making gagging sounds! Misty just laughs and tells her she better get used to it! The man then takes a long white cloth and ties it tightly over her mouth. Now quite effectively gagged they start to play with the helpless realtor. Misty lifts up Chrissy's skirt and removes her panties as the man gropes her and she struggles and mmmpphhs helplessly through her OTM gag. Misty suggests they tie a crotch rope on her and her partner agrees so they tie one nice and tight that really makes her squirm. They finish tying up her legs together then Misty pulls out her phone and starts taking pictures of the bound and gagged realtor, threatening that if she ever thinks of reporting this to the police she will put the photos all over the internet! They go through her purse and the man realizes he also needs the passcode for her phone, so he removes her gag and slaps her face to make her tell him. Once they get the code they decide to gag her even tighter, stuffing the soaked panties back into her mouth, cleave gagging her with one of her white thigh high stockings then tying the white cloth back over mouth! There is no way anyone could possibly hear her now. Misty tells him to hogtie her so they can get back business! Just as they are about to leave with all her valuables Misty comes back and starts to unbutton Chrissy's blouse and pull out her breasts, pinching one of her nipples to test the gag one last time. She tells Chrissy that they are going to leave now and as she stands up the man suddenly clamps his hand over her mouth!

In the next scene Chrissy is still hogtied and gagged but has been moved to the bedroom, and Misty has been tied up to a chair in the same room but isn't gagged yet. Misty was also told to strip topless and take off her nylons to replace them with white knee high socks. She is very upset and asking him what the hell is going?! Matt pulls out the panties that they stripped off of Chrissy earlier and by the look on her face she really knows what is coming next! She refuses to open her mouth so he pulls her head back by her hair and then stuffs the panties in. He ties a white cloth tightly over her mouth as he explains that he has a friend who wants to buy them both and sell them into slavery. Now that both girls are bound and gagged he takes some photos of them and leaves them struggling while he goes to meet up with his friend and talk business. Chrissy has still been trying to escape this whole time, and after the man leaves she struggles hard and manages to get free! She removes all her ropes and her horrible gag and then laughs at Misty who is begging her for help. She really thinks Chrissy would help her after what she did to her? Payback is a bitch! Chrissy removes Misty's gag and asks her "How would you like to have a knee sock shoved in your mouth?". Misty begs and pleads not to be gagged again but the revengeful realtor shows no mercy as she stuffs the knee sock deep into her mouth and tightly OTM gags her with the other knee socks. As if she isn't gagged enough she decides to also tied the white cloth back over her mouth too! Chrissy leaves her there to struggle bound and double gagged so tightly she was on the verge of tears! 

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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